Alternative ending for rope escape routine

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  1. Heyho,

    at firtst I ended with handcuffs but today my handcuffs broke during the performance and that was kind of embarassing so I want an alternative ending. The basic idea is a 50 Shades of Grey presentation. The ending should be like: rope vanishes, I am tied up with something else. What could this be and what could be a logical explanation for that? Ideas have been:
    - zipties
    - different colored rope

    Thanks for the help!

  2. I'm not too crazy about the Fifty Shades of Grey dealio but a costume change is a classic way to finish it. You could probably perform it with dresscode.

    I personally love the struggle and the journey that the magician takes in an escape and I don't think that it always needs a big finale.
  3. Hey, that's a nice idea. What outfit should I change into and what would be the motivation behind this?
  4. A striped shirt in 50 shades of grey. Just kidding, I think it would be best to have it refer t something else you said earlier. If, for example you mentioned that you have worked on this till your shirt went red with blood sweat and tears you could change the shirt red.

    If you are going for a burlesque adult audience you could perform the baffling bra, or baffling briefs on yourself.

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