Ambitous Card Battle

Oct 14, 2007
Ambitious Card-Need I say more


No music just patter
can be live but does not have to be
no editing to effect the trick

Any takers?

~Ryan Fox~
Dec 16, 2008
Austin, TX
More people should check this out!
Ryan, yours was awesome! Nothing I can tell you that you haven't already been told, just you performed a lot of powerful effects, but they didn't seem to sink in enough. Great performance though, I really enjoyed watching it.

Magicman, I liked yours as well! I thought the patter was clever. You did seem to say "visibly" and "pops up" quite a lot. I don't think the spectators would really need to be told how visible it is, and the card wasn't really popping up, but whatever. :p Also, as I'm sure you know, you flashed a couple of times, so just keep practicing.

Good battle, my vote goes to Ryan. GOOD JOB BOTH!!
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