Anaconda by Bone Ho

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  1. Hey everyone! I want to ask people who own the Anaconda. How do you practice the actual dribble? I left the anaconda dvd sit for a long time until I saw Andrei's new video, and I was determined to learn it. My anaconda can barely go 1 foot high. Any tips or pointers?
  2. using new cards really helps
  3. I own Bone's Anaconda DVD- it's something I have to practice everyday, otherwise my skill with it will deteriorate. My tips (from experience that work for me to say the least) :

    1)Use new cards.
    2)Keep a stable grip and execute the move gently.
    3)In concordance with #2, do not apply too much pressure or the cards will spit out everywhere.
    4)In flourishing, everyone has their own preferred way of performing flourishes. For each flourish, this is something you have to discover yourself over time, Anaconda is no exception.

    I've been working on my Anaconda for nearly a year now and so far it's about 3 feet long on average.
  4. i actually practice with old cards. then when i use new its so much easier. The key ive found is moving both hands smoothly and simultaneously apart and finger strength finesse is KEY. Mines only about 2 1/2 to 3 consistently
  5. I don't practice it as much as I should, a good one for me is about 2ft. I have noticed that I have better success with certain cards. Broken in tally-hos and most of the Bee brand cards seem to work better for me than say a Bike brand card.
  6. Well, my anaconda is getting better, but it might take a while for a full length one. =_=

    I'm not much of a flourisher but I would like to learn this :D
  7. i dunno, i feel like the anaconda is only real crazy impressive when shown in slow motion, or a photo, at full speed it seems diminished.

    I like playing around with the move but i dont know how much i would use it in a sequence
  8. In my experience, it actually really impresses laymen.
  9. I'd have to concur with Theaterhead. Seems to be the type of flourish laymen expect. I perform a crazy cut with a fancy aerial and feel all proud of myself and then my audience says, "Wow! Can you also do that long springy thing?" I hang my head, say "no" and go home and practice that da@n anaconda some more.
  10. Mine anaconda goes from above my head to about waist level. The best advice I can give is to remember it's a dribble not a spring, meaning do NOT put too much pressure on the cards when you release them.
  11. Couldn't disagree more here. I once saw a 3-4 minuts vid of the Virts on youtube, and as many crazy flourishes as they did, the one that REALLY caught my eye and impressed me was the Anaconda. Man, it almost looks like for a split second, the deck becomes liquid or something. And then an instant later everything is back to normal. Very, very hard hitting in my opinion.

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