ANACONDA DVD REVIEW - Not what you think...

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Creeper, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. Agreed, I looked it up and it barely helps, doing a regular dribble is almost the same.

    On the other hand, I have come a across 2 places to download both dvds for free, I linked them to Huron but no responses yet.
  2. You can still download it from the original source, without a password or what ever. Plus like 5 torrents. lol

  3. Photoshop Guru, with no fingers....

  4. Hahahahahahhaha!
  5. Are you still able to get it?
  6. they dont just change the grip they change the form just a tad and yes thay over hyped everything but i still like it and i love the new flourishes
  7. this dvd is the worst purchased ive made in my life ...their is no detail...a fraking dvd for 4mins ....grr i will never buy anything from them again...i fell ripped off
  8. I can't agree with you any more.

    People were saying "THEY GO INTO SOOOO MUCH DETAIL!!!!!!!!!!"

    Bullcrap. Terrible detail. And yes, the main move on the DVD was taught the worst. Stupid Anaconda... The PDF on HL teaches it better.
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    I'm sorry if you can't perform the Anaconda after watching the DVD and a little practice. They go over everything you need to know to perform the flourishes. If you upset over a 4 and half minute tutorial, you really need to go back and time other tutorials for other flourishes. Many of Dan and Dave's flourishes tutorials, were less than 4 1/2 minutes. I think the only thing more you could ask for from the DVD would be for it to include a pair of Bone's hands.
  10. Never said I couldn't do an Anaconda, and the one tip that wasn't included on the HL tutorial helped a little, mines plenty long, not hugenormous and it seems crazy how he can do it at an angle.

    The tutorials were not very good. Many people agree. I never said I couldn't follow them and do them. You're assuming everything, and putting words in my mouth.

    But tips on how to make the dribble more smooth, or slow motion anaconda's to show the motion to maximize the length, those things would help. In my opinion at least.
  11. Well

    Ok first $ 74,000 on the production...please! Two I will say there smart cause all they did was make a real fancy squeeze page,promised a bunch of free video's and the biggest online event ever for flourisher's.

    What did they really do, is make the biggest spam Ive ever seen for a magic product. I must have recieved 30 useless emails before the dvd came out. Then another 30 emails about the release which were also useless, all I needed was 1 maybe 2.

    What makes me sad is Ive followed Bones since he's been around and this just has given me no respect for him.

    I personal feel like this was a scam and not a magic product.

    This is the type of thing that gives magic on the net a bad name.
  12. I read the first few mails then kept deleting them. Its sad but the virts have lost the market. 72000$ down the drain.

    And I do not need every flourisher telling me that flourishing is an art we flourishers do not need to know that lay men do. Every body knows its an art. Most of the bonus flourishes were just as bad.

    Very disappointed.
  13. lol i love how bone said... this is my gift to you... jaja yeah after paying 60 freaking $$$$.. oh well that was the last time i buy something from them
  14. The price + the advertisement make 4 1/2 mins become hilarious lol. Nothing is new method and a detailed teaching.
  15. I paid for the Bundle, I known how to do the Anaconda and the Hindu Tornado before buying this DVD. The main reason why I buy this DVD is : Bone Ho is my idol, and he's Vietnamese, his fatherland must be near mine. I want to do something to support him for all he had done for the community. Without him, I don;t think TheVirtuoso exists. I was impressed when I saw Bone for the first time in my live. Yes, 1 on 1, I could not say anything when had a chance to see him performed.
  16. I have a sealed Anaconda DVD which i received couple days back.. anyone wants it ? wish to sell it.
  17. Buyers remorse??
  18. Wait they spent 74 grand on this DVD? Seriously? How to spend 74 grand on something that would and SHOULD only cost you like maybe a couple hundred at most. Hell I don't think ANY other magic DVD's out there spend anywhere close to 74 grand on their projects. Specially not one for just a single move and 4 min of teaching. Which is something that should have been a download and costed maybe 5-20 bucks at the most.
  19. i second this randy,

    a dribble plus some flourish moves for 74k?

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