ANACONDA DVD REVIEW - Not what you think...

Sep 1, 2007
Nevermind, I dont want to argue, I just posted this review to state my opinions on this dvd, and we're getting off topic. I can see where this is going, and its no where positive. Lets just agree to dissagree. Pm me if you want to continue.
Aug 19, 2009
Can the people who received it, please tell me where they live, so I can estimate how long until I receive mine?


theory11 moderator
I highly doubt you can do it over your head without doing one of the following- Ducking your head down, catching all the cards as clean as Bone, having the cards fall one by one as Bone.

This isn't a diss or anything, but I simply don't beleive you can do this as well as Bone. Experience isn't an issue for me. I've been flourishing for 2 years now. I'm not saying I'm the best, but I'm pretty determined. David has been around way longer than me(He's also a beast) and he has the same issues.

Feel free to doubt (Y) lol But bear in mind I've been working with cards for 17 years (Y)

I don't agree with everyone having a go at you for doing so though! That's well harsh! for all you know I could have been blatantly lying and I actually don't even have any fingers (well, there are shots of my fingers around, but I'm a photoshop G :p)

I was simply offering another side to the story, I was happy with my purchase, when the tut ended I thought it was a little abrupt, but it worked for me and I'm sure lots of others.


Sep 2, 2007
Las Vegas, NV
just read this post from the beginning.

It's a dribble... how long should a tutorial be? It's not like it's a multi stage/step cut. It's a set up and execution. DnD's longest single tutorial on the Trilogy was 4:56 with Madonna. Pandora with it's 2 dozen steps clocks in at 9 minutes and change with 2 parts. What you're asking for doesn't make sense to me. At least it wasn't throwing you to the dogs like DnD's System. "here it is in 2 views, normal and in slow-mo... have at it people!"

Moreover, a tutorial should have just the essentials. there's no point to spending film and editing time saying, "Well august 17th 2004, at 6:43 pm, I tried these finger positions with this kind of pressure and f*ed it up yet again! This other time in band camp..." Maybe Andrei should add another volume to his epic set that's coming out on experimentation of his flourishes.

On a serious note tho, if what you're asking for are corrections for the most common mistakes the artist sees others doing when learning the move, that would be valuable information for every flourishing DVD that gets released in the future from a teaching / learning standpoint.

I trust that in a tut, the artist presents the essentials of the cut. I don't want to keep stopping while the vid explains "do this - not this, nor this... and not even this". It will interupt the learning experience.

I appreciate the review though. I'm not sure how many other people were like me: 2 minutes after I hit Submit on the payment page, I thought "OMG, I just spent $23 +s/h on a dribble" *goan!* In the end, it was worth it I thought... at least it wasn't full price.
May 9, 2008
Well stated Seventeen, I definitely agree with you here. I'm glad you pointed out how long other tutorials were, so hopefully that it puts it in perspective for other people.
Sep 1, 2007
While it's true that the Anaconda instruction is the same length as most other flourish instructions, billing it as the FOCUS of the DVD and charging full DVD price implies that it will be more than just a well filmed tutorial. There are 10 cuts on the Flourishes disc on the Trilogy, vs the Anaconda and 4-5 quietly included "bonus" items that they didn't even reveal for a while, which makes it seem like not THAT great and just were thrown in there to justify the price. And the Anaconda DVD is more money.
Jan 1, 2009
Back in Time
Wasn't this taught for FREE on the handlordz site? Why would anybody pay 20-30 bucks for something that you could get for FREE on a LEGIT site. I just don't understand some people on this forum.
Oct 21, 2007
Bergen County, NJ, USA
Wasn't this taught for FREE on the handlordz site? Why would anybody pay 20-30 bucks for something that you could get for FREE on a LEGIT site. I just don't understand some people on this forum.

The description teaching it wasn't very specific. People thought it would be an in depth tutorial. It ended up being a disappointment.

I started to practice the Anaconda today, and I must say that my Anaconda is starting to get pretty long. (Teehee!)

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