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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Creeper, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. these guys are just falling in the toilet from my perspective.

    i didn't buy the dvd but first the massive amount of emails made me unsubscribe to their newsletter

    then i heard a bunch of unfortunate things like they misguide you with the instant download which isn't really instant at all

    now Ive seen 2 crappy (as in describing the dvd not the quality of the review) reviews about this dvd as well

    and finally, didn't they say they were spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on this. how did hundreds and thousands of dollars turn into a 4 1/2 minute dvd, people on youtube spend more time teaching a simple 3 packet cut than they did teaching the "amazing" anaconda.

    oh and one more thing, this limited edition thing, it makes you feel "un-special" when they are back in stock

    and i didnt put in the time to learn the HL one but i saw it and it looked like a very decent tutorial

    feel free to bash me on any of this but just my 2 cents
  2. TheVirts

    I didn't buy the DVD and now im pretty sure I wont.
    Im sorry but if one DVD can make this bad of an impression then im staying away from it and the price...

    I mean I was really looking forward to it. I watched the trailer like 100 times because I was just in awe of how well done it looked. They claimed the most in depth teaching, the new techniques and the bonus material looked pretty good, they even had the people like D&D and Andrei complement it. Its a shame it ended like this...*sigh*

    Well in all I do give them props for trying.
    I hope they just take this feedback and make their next project actually "amazing".

    Im pretty sure Andrei's DVD will do the best.

    -Jon R.
  3. "What Creeper said"

    Besides the bad teaching I think the most laughable thing is all the mails we got from Huron. He keeps mentioning how this sacred new technique will almost make the anaconda too easy. If I was him I wouldn't be afraid of anything. Based on how the anaconda was taught on this DVD it will remain something that only a few people will be able to do well.

    They never mention any kind of new technique and give no tips on how to control the dribble when it gets really big. Something that I myself have problems with...
    I still laugh when Bone says that the most important thing in modern card flourishes is control. He might be right but thats not really how he teaches the moves...

    I also think the story Bone tells about how he invented the anaconda is damn funny. Its obviously a load of crap. People don't invent moves like that. Surely not a move like the anaconda. I bet Bone found a way to hold to deck that allowed him to get a smooth dribble. He then slowly tried to make it bigger and bigger until it got really big.
    That other thing about trying to reinvent one of the oldest card flourishes ever created sounds stupid.

    I still respect The Virts and Bone and I still consider them to the some of best card flourishers in the world but I still feel completely ripped off!
  4. Yeah I forgot to mention all the emails. Theres nothing worse when someone hypes something like theres no tommorow and it ends up being...well bascially crap.

    The more and more I see the trailer and see the Anaconda the more I am dissapointed. I simply did not get what I payed for.

    As for all the people saying Most people have worked on this move for a long time. In my opinion this is something that you NEED to know EVERY SINGLE part of it in order to do it correctly. Davids right. There aren't going to be many people doing this as well as Bone and Thevirts. Of course all the die-hards are saying they already got it 3 times higher..I say prove it. This dvd can be summed up in one word- Lacking.

    I realize I'm complaining here, but I have every right to be doing so. They hyped the living **** out of it and it just sucks. Man am I dissapointed.

    EDIT- btw, Ramo D., that is the EXACT SAME TECHNIQUE. Anyone, feel free to tell me the difference.
  5. Well this isn't bringing my hopes up... maybe I'll attempt a review when I get it.
  6. yea i knew it right when the preview before the hype screwed everything up because i dribble like this anyway
  7. If you didn't want emails why did you sign up to receive emails??

    I for one couldn't wait on receiving the email updates. I LIKE to be excited about something. I LIKE to look forward to something.

    If you didn't realize there was going to be a lot of hype after visiting the website who's fault is that? YOURS. It was obvious that there would be hype. There always is! Look at the preview for Bee Stingers for example... "Historically reserved for only the world's finest casinos, the Bee Stingers Playing Cards are now available in mint condition." Would you really expect your playing cards to be in anything but mint condition?? This is just another example of hype, and if you feel you got duped, it's your own fault. I knew exactly what I was getting myself into, and I received exactly what I wanted. I'm sorry for you that you feel you got ripped off.

  8. Leave the bee stingers alone!!!:mad:
  9. Part of the reasoning behind the bee stingers in mint condition is at least for my stores none of them are in good condition. They all have a part of the corner cut off, they are usually pretty crappy from people stealing them or ripping cases open for w/e reason. I bought a few decks and they are perfect for gambling demonstrations.
  10. So I'm assuming that none of the DVDs were signed like the picture they emailed out...
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    The cinematography is ****, the super uber awesome macro camera they used is too macro. Half of the deck is out of the depth of view. And the shots are shaky.


  12. Are you saying it like the "Leave Britney alone!" guy?
  13. My DVD was signed, but then again i requested it. It might sound odd, but to me it meant a lot that they actually remembered to sign it for me as they have been so busy.

    I am not a die hard fan of the virts, but I think that they did an ok job. I mean, if they had done an hour tutorial on the Anaconda, wouldn't people have complained that its too hard?

    I dribble like this normally, the only difference for me was the index finger placement.

    You don't know if practice will do it if you don't practice it everyday. I don't think that anyone on this forum has ever perfected a flourish in the first day of having it.

    I think that the Eye Cut tutorial was better, but that was because you needed to know all the finger placements. The Anaconda could have been longer, but if that is all the technique then that is all they'll teach you as thats all you'll need to know.

    Mostly I bought this as a collectors item, but I think that the filming is the best filming I've seen in a flourishing DVD.

    I just watched WhiteLynx's review for the Crimson deck, and he does the Anaconda, so if you want to see it in real time watch that.

    I can understand people not being happy, but its such a simple thing, what where you expecting?

  14. that's not really an anaconda. heaps of people are able to do that already. it's more getting the ridiculous height, where you have to tilt your camera, or else it won't fit on the screen.
  15. I'm not an avid flourisher, but I like to play with cards ;)

    I read the Anaconda tut on the HL forums a million years ago when ever it went up, I thought the pics looked insane but I could never get it down.

    To watch Bone and follow along with the DVD, everything clicked into place and I can now anaconda above my head - Maybe my experience allows me to pick things up quicker, but I have no complaints on the DVD, it came out on time, quality is great. (minus some shakey cam action!) there's a little humor and some good moves.

    I'm happy with my purchase, but to each their own.

  16. I highly doubt you can do it over your head without doing one of the following- Ducking your head down, catching all the cards as clean as Bone, having the cards fall one by one as Bone.

    This isn't a diss or anything, but I simply don't beleive you can do this as well as Bone. Experience isn't an issue for me. I've been flourishing for 2 years now. I'm not saying I'm the best, but I'm pretty determined. David has been around way longer than me(He's also a beast) and he has the same issues.
  17. Most people would give an arm and a leg for David's anaconda -_-

    Seriously, you sound like an ultra-douche bag. I highly doubt you know more about Dee's anaconda and what has helped it than Dee.
  18. Watch davids other videos. I wasn't saying his Anaconda was good. I was saying he's a wicked good flourisher, and even he can't improve upon his.

    Sorry, I forgot I'm not allowed to voice my opinion.
  19. really? i seriously thought most people who had learnt it off the pdfs were that high, minus the middle one, but most people are able to fluke it that high. and that one seems to me like a fluke, it lacks the control and uniformity of one done by bone.

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