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  1. Hello everyone,

    I recently saw cyber for sale on the T11 website. I know of yet it isn't compatible with Android I don't think - you can correct if I'm wrong. What other alternatives are on the market that - in your opinion - you would recommend? I searched for a bit but all other forums are around the 2010 mark. I currently have a Samsung galaxy J6 though I might upgrade soon - still going to be Samsung. I would prefer an effect that doesn't require other items such as playing cards, I saw inject 2.o and thought that might be good to invest in.



    (I realised I posted it in the wrong section, if there are moderators you can remove it.)
  2. I personally wouldnt trust inject as rostami's programming often has bugs and ive had issues before with no support or response from him. Thank god for the refund button.

    Also inject has you ask your spectator to go to a soecific fishy looking website looks link wich imo would bring the "magic" aspect out of the question. Phone magic isint really special. But there are two effects i do With a phobe that are okay..
    First is. 2-3$ download called magician king: magic card
    Basically you set this up as you want but you flip your phone screen down and when you turn it over it reveals either of the 4 aces, up to you to play with this how you want

    The other is a plain effect that ChrisRChris has done in his vids where you have the spectator think of a contact in their phone and you reveal the persons name. I learnt it from watching him 3x good luck
  3. I've reviewed several of these - and I own a droid - Predictagram by Owen Garfield is the only one I have ever kept and still use


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