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  1. I just came back from the casino where I played some poker (Crown casino for any Melbournites who care).. Anyway, Crown's decks are REALLY nice.

    They are really slick, pretty stiff and would handle really nicely (I can only assume if I actually got to hold the full deck :p). So anyway, I REALLY want to get myself some decks, but they don't sell them, and if they did, they'd have a hole drilled in them.

    So during the course of poker, some Ace of Spades' came up in the community a couple of times and I noticed under the big spade in the middle, it said 'Angels'. So basically..

    Does anyone know about any "Angels" decks (assume that's what they're called)? I'd really like to get my hands on some.

    Thanks guys!
  2. I'm not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for, but I did some Google searching and came up with a company. The company is Japanese and they make playing cards for casinos as far as I can tell (I can't read Japanese). So, hope this is it: http://www.angel-co.net/ Peace!


    EDIT: Wait, here we go. The webpage in English: http://www.angel-co.net/topenglish.html
  3. hmmm... QUITE possibly.

    i'm looking at their common products but it doesn't really help me here.. i need to get a look at their ace of spades.

    if it's them, it doesn't tell me how i can buy them though.. :\

    thanks for your help dude!!
  4. yeh, on their home page, you can see the ace of spades really clearly and that's definitely it.. but as i recall, i think they were jumbo index at crown which i dig and would prefer (just in this instance).

    thanks again man. if you can find any place to buy 'em that'd be awesome!
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    I searched and I couldn't find any place to buy them, but you might be able to contact them directly via the "Contact Us", and ask them how much a deck would be. It might be expensive, since it's Japan, but I'm not really sure. Anyway, you could also ask them for Jumbo index. That's your best route. Peace!


    EDIT: Wait, I found something, but I'm not really sure if it's the same company and they don't have pictures of some of the cards. Actually they have pictures of most of the cards, but not the "standard" Angels. Here is the website anyway: http://www.playingcardsales.co.uk/cards/framehdg.asp?cat=GEN&nav=1&hdg=JPA I still think your best bet would be contacting them directly.

    EDIT (AGAIN): They probably would sell you some, since after searching some more they seem to be one of the leaders in playing cards in Japan. To make it easier on you, here is the contact email for the Angel company: angelcards@nifty.com They are on this guy's (Andy, don't know who is) list of "World's Outstanding Card Manufacturers".

    EDIT (ONCE AGAIN): I also remembered there being a thread somewhere on Angel cards, here on Theory11, so I found it. It's right here: http://forum.theory11.com/showthread.php?p=54004
  6. you can find it easily in Indonesia too
    i'm happen to be a card-holic, and i use them too...alot

    it's about $20 a dozen here at local market, but if you buy tehm at magic shop, the price goes up to about $3.5 - $4 a deck
  7. just for add...
    the company pruduces the "bee" type for this card, it's called "Club Cruise" (both angel and club cruise boxes are almost identic)
    the Quality is pretty much the same, but the back is similar to bee, and it's borderless

    those two are the common card from the company, it produce some rare cards too, there's "Club Angel", "Angel 707 (100% plastic playing card)" and many more

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