Animation (My Newest Illusion)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mystifier1, Nov 4, 2008.

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  1. what i never lied about being a consultant i never even mentioned it until you ask my credits clearly say Illusion Consultant Austin Kirkbride

    two i never edited my post

    three i dont care what you guys think. im clearly out of your leage becuase you dont think outside the box as i said before its not a camera trick you guys picked the simplest solution to the illusion becuase you cant figure out the real method if you think for a second that your bothering me your not. im not decieving my self im decieving you becuase you dont know the real secret you guys are a bunch of hacks and until you guys can catch up with me then you might as well juswt shut up because you obviously have been fooled. When you think of a real solution then talk to me.

    Im done replying to this thread.
  2. dude that just do what other people said for you to do.

    1) talk during it

    2) if it is a stage illusion i would like to see it in front of live people on stage.

    its not asking for much really
  3. Looks more like guy crawls from behind tree while curtain is up, hides duplicate (doesn't even need to be identical, it's not like we really see the clothes on the chair anway, I mean its everyday jeans with everyday black tshirt and white shoes, ooo so hard to duplicate) clothes, sits on chair, curtain goes down. Maybe if the change was faster I'd think of something more imaginative, but I highly doubt it's anything more complicated than this.
  4. Yes, yes you did. Oops, caught.

    If we're not bothering you, why are you ranting?

    Epic fail.

    If you're so great - why are you even bothering to try and convince us? Who cares what we think? And why can't you prove that you're right? Why do you continually offer up insults and the same excuses, when, if you are really that great, you could easily prove us "hacks" wrong? Isn't that what you'd like, to prove the big bad forum baddie hacks wrong? Then prove us wrong.

    If you really think that far ahead, you should be able to prove us wrong with ease. If you're truly out of our league, you'd be able to show it by defending yourself but you haven't.

    So I ask again. If we're not bothering you at all, if you think you're so superior...

    Why the rant?
  5. also. if you're going to perform these 'illusions' and be taken seriously. please use better lighting. the shadows sort of give it away.
  6. That was double pwnge by the big P.


    you're my hero...:p
  7. #27 4757joshua2, Nov 8, 2008
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    Let me do some triple pawnege:

    I've seen this guy around ExoMagic. He cranks these terrible tricks out one every week or so, and they are all just like this: obvious camera edits and tricks. He also has a brother/cousin that looks just like him. That's how he does all the transpos.

    He is not a consultant for anybody.

    Trust me on this stuff, I know.

    Now let's let this thread and all the other one's with his silly tricks die please?

  8. this thread wont die, even after all this ownage

  9. While I agree that Lamont's atempt at this illusion seemed a little 'sketchy' per se, I cannot see why one should be bashing and insulting him to this degree. Praetoritevong has layed down some boundries for the 'proving' video - but that is a long way from insulting him.

    How would you like it if people made posts on a public forums about you? Insulting and bashing you?

    It really does not seem like a nice alternative now, does it?

    When I say 'pwnge' I mean it as a Burn! - as a congratulatory remark to someone (in this case the big P) who has excelled at making a sweet remark. I don't mean to insult you, and i'm sorry if I did.

  10. I'm just warning you people based on my previous experience with this guy. Besides, he's said some nasty things about me before so it's not like I'm just coming out of the blue and bashing him.

    And believe me, they do allllllll the time.

    Are you talking to me or mystifier.
  11. I think next time you guys resort to personal attacks, do it over the PM syste - as Doug said in one of his threads ;)

    to Lamont. It was part of my little 'rant'.:rolleyes:

  12. Coming back to this thread, I can't help but laugh at the irony of the effect being named "Animation"
  13. I thought it was utter crap. Even the camera trickery part... That was utter crap too. Sorry, just my opinion.
  14. Sorry guys. but I'm contacting an admin/mod about this post to lock it. there is too much flaming going on.
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