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  1. Hi, I have been into card magic for about a year and a half now and I have a few dvds and books, and I was wondering what book to ask my parents for for the holidays...

    I have royal road, art of astonishment (1), the card magic of Les Paul, and the one by erdnase. I was wondering about a book that has some impressive card magic in it, rather than just a list of sleights (like card college).

    any suggestions for books? do you think that "by forces unseen" is too hard for an intermediate magician?

  2. card college is good. and daniel madison's stuff
  3. The books I am getting for Christmas are...
    Strong Magic by Darwin Ortiz
    Maximum Entertainment by Ken Weber
    Williamson's Wonders (by David Williamson?)
    The Collected Almanac by Richard Kaufman
    Lifesavers by Michael Weber

    Unfortunately I have not read them yet but I have heard that all of them are good. They are not all about card magic but they are great books! Best of luck!
  4. Ah, I wish I had the card magic of lepaul....
    What I would recommend (that I have):

    D+M Identity or Collateral
    D&D lecture notes
    Lee Asher products
    Smooth Operations
    Card College 1-5 (depending on your level)
  5. "By Forces Unseen" is ok!
  6. By forces unseen and drawing room deceptions are two incredible book. Yes, they are hard but they have amazing effects and you will be surprised that you will end up actually performing some. Also, they are so much fun to practice and will keep you busy for quite a time.
  7. The material in BFU is difficult and you probably will never use anything in it for laymen, but it's still a great book. I loved Dear Mr. Fantasy by John Bannon which just went back into print, read my review of it here.
    Spencer Peterson
  8. Kinda late, but get AoA book 3. It's awesome.
  9. Some books I'd suggest...

    Strong Magic by Darwin Ortiz
    Maximum Entertainment by Ken Weber
    Inner Card Trilogy by Dai Vernon
    The other AoA books
    The Magic of Ascanio - Arturo D'Ascanio
    Drawing Room Deceptions by Guy Hollingworth
  10. sponge ball magic by Joe Labero

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