Any tips on improving card handling?

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  1. I want to get better at handling cards, so my moves look smoother, and so I can do more difficult sleights for tricks.
    I know the basic is practice. But any other tips. Is there any cardistry which improves you card handling in general? Anything I haven't thought of at all?
    I am already doing some dexterity exercises for my hands, so that is in check. I find that I handle cards better when I have washed my hands (probably because my hands are less greasy) and my hands a moisturized. I have read something about something called Golden Touch Lotion. Is that lotion special, or can I use any good lotion?
  2. The basics, intermediate, and advanced are all: Practice.

    If your hands are dry you can use various lotions. Just make sure it doesn't leave a residue behind.

    Personally, I say just practice with however your hands are normally. You may wear out cards quickly, if your hands are overly oily. Or you may have trouble getting a grip with certain moves, if your hands are dry. But if you just practice that way, and continue practicing and adjusting to suit you, no matter what your skin condition is, you'll get good.


    Practice more.

    Practice more.
  3. I’ve once was doing my ACR, and in the middle of performance, I realized how tight I was holding the deck, and how quickly I was executing each sleight. I slowed down, and did everything much lighter. Cards are light, you don’t need to manhandle them, and by going slow you’ll do the sleights correctly. Eventually you will speed up, and you’ll feel that your handling is more “natural”.
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  4. Try some of the lotion, see if you like it. It's great for certain things in magic, you'll have to decide if it helps you. I like the Golden Touch mist spray. People seem to think particular lotions work better for magic. Along with Golden Touch , Okeef's Working Hands has been suggested. You can also use Sortkwik fingertip moisturiser (the stuff for counting money/paper), especially to experiment with. It's a more heavy duty approach and I suspect it gums up my cards faster, but it can help you find out what your fingers can actually do. Also good for seconds. I also use the Gripmaster Pro Hands finger exerciser. I once sprained my finger practicing Bowtie.

    It may be time to open a new deck, compare for yourself and see if that makes a difference.
    Try different cards. Ignore those who tell you they all handle the same, this is not true. Try Monarchs/Medallions etc from Theory 11, Bikes, Aristocrats, Elite, Zen and others, or whatever is available in your area. Many cards are indeed made with the same stock and finish but different backs, but there is also a great variety of combinations of stock, finish and cut that you should try. I use cards with the most useful characteristics to learn particular sleights, then I transition that move to my regular deck with just some lotion once I've learned to do the technique smoothly and I know how I want it to feel.

    And practice. Personally I find it more fun and engaging to learn and practice the difficult sleights using Kwiksort and a deck that has the best characteristics, but which I may not use for much else. I can 'do' the sleight much sooner which is simply more enjoyable. I would have given up on Tivo 2 without this. It is then a matter of making adjustments to work with your regular deck. But I own way too many decks of cards because of this approach.

    Try some different things and let us know what worked for you.
  5. Interesting tips,

    I've just started out the last week with the very basic charlier cut to start, I can get the move down fine but maintaining the cards is a struggle because my little finger is slightly curved inwards... which means i cant use it as a support as it catches on the cards..

    If this is already and issue on the most basic of cuts should I give up now?[​IMG]
  6. Google Mahdi Gilbert, watch his Penn & Teller performance, and then come back here and let me know if a bent pinky is enough to stop one from learning card magic.
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  7. Fantastic. What am I complaining about! I'll keep at it then I'm sure I'll find away around it. So far I'm just flicking it out from underneath so it doesn't knock the cards it's just getting the cards neat after the cut that's my issue
  8. There's plenty of card magic you can learn no matter what your hands are like. Though the Charlier does not need to be a priority unless it's really important for you. I would try tilting the hand forward, away from the pinky.
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  9. Honestly, just keep laying with cards. Even if you just fiddle with them. When you practice, focus on being smooth. Hold the cards without squeezing them. Be gentle. Keep the fingers loose. and... you know.... PRACTICE! haha but honestly, it does come with time. The more you play with cards the smoother it will look.
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  10. I know this is an older post, but I came across this while researching what to do for dry hands.... I may have to give it a shot! Most I can do is ruin a deck of cards, right?!

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