Anyone else hate the Shapeshifter as a color change?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AlexG6, Apr 26, 2015.

  1. I would just like to say that I love the shape shifter but not really as a color change for example I would never use it to reveal a card I would however maybe throw it in the middle of a flourishing routine

    Funny thought my 5 yr old figured it out I showed it to her she stood their looking at me you could tell she was working things out and then said let me see the other side :)
  2. Absolutely the opposite. I know way too many color changes, but i only ever perform 3. The shape shifter is the best color change in my opinion.
  3. I find the Shape Shifter to be an excellent color change. If you're worried about someone figuring it out there is a simple method you can use to prove them wrong after the fact, which in my opinion makes it an even stronger effect. I'm positive if you use your imagine and play around with it a little bit, you'll be able to figure out the solution.

    || Steven
  4. I dislike it, but I do it. It's not in my usual set but if I'm just kinda jazzing its good and works well. I've never really had anyone figure it out, but that might be because I perform stuff usually in the slight of hand way rather than 'this is magic' way

  5. I dislike the shape shifter for 2 reasons.
    1. I dislike the corner discrepancy
    2. Too many magicians perform it poorly

    I feel like it could be a really great change if the cards are handled lightly and it is used as a quick moment rather than a big focal point and I don't think it should be performed on camera anywhere near as much as it is.
  6. I love it. The routine I use it in has momentum and I don't give them time to really sit and think about it. It gets huge reactions from people - laypeople love it! Years ago I had a very young kid figure it out. Kids think differently than adults do though. Most adults take the card from me and rub the ink-that tells me about their thought process.
  7. Yeah, I hate it too. It really doesn't fool anyone, and it's kind of obvious.
  8. To say it doesn't fool anyone is a little silly...because it does. :) I use it all the time and have never been called out on it.
  9. Same here. It fooled me when I first saw it (though maybe I'm not too smart). It's part of my go-to routine that I learned in 2001, so I've literally done it thousands of times. I've had one kid say something in 14 years. I've been called WAY more on the double lift than on the shapeshifter. Yet the double lift is still a deceptive tool to use and very worth practicing.

    However I would say that context is really important. Using the shapeshifter in a transposition effect, it could detract form the main effect (the transposition). People would be more likely to remember how you made the card change, rather than you make cards switch places -thus detracting from the effect you want to achieve.
  10. Honestly, we must have different experiences.
  11. In my opinion, it's not the easiest color change. It needs practice to make it look magical, the right place and time in your routine (I don't do color changes outside of routines as stand-alone effects).
    Because of the discrepancy it is important to not let your audience time to think about it. It should come as a surprise and you should go on as soon as possible.
    Good routining also make backtracking this much more difficult.
    I use it in Jason Ladanye's "Quick change artist" and it is, IMO, very well covered in this sequence.

    As an alternative you could use the snap change under your left sleeve (Al Leech idea), which basically make use of the same principle, but the discepancy after the change isn't as obvious.
  12. Agreed. There is more to it than just the change. I learned it directly from Marc and he gave me some great pointers on how to get into and out of it naturally. I think a lot of people who use it learned it from Youtube and didn't learn the nuances in the handling.
  13. The first time I saw it, it blew my mind. So, I just remember that moment and perform the hell out of it.
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