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  1. Anyone selling walking liberty half dollars? They are sooo expensive on ebay. The cost to get a set of four wich is what you need for most solid routines is outragous. I understand why the price is this high but is anyone lookin to make some found money and sell them?
  2. I suggest you go to a coin shop. I saw my local coin shop had those for $11.30 a piece. They weren't the nicest but they were slick and fairly quiet. I'm going back to get a set of Morgans for $23 a piece and then going to try to shine them up. Do you have a local coin shop near you? Might save you lots of money and no shipping!
  3. The price of silver is what is driving up the online market. When you go to the coin shop (do not got to pawn shops you will get ripped off 99% of the time) ask for "junk silver" walking liberties from the 40's run about 15 dollars with todays silver prices but I was able to get a few for 13 just last week. I tend to buy them and Morgans whenever I can. It can also depend on your city sometimes but yesterday I got three for 42 bucks which was high but they were good picks and worth it.
  4. magic warehouse .com sells them for about 10 dollars i think. And they usually match color and wear when you buy multiple.
  5. "Walking Liberty Half $15.00 "

    a bit more than 10 :(
  6. The price of silver is going to go up more so buy a few if you can. If it goes down your luck if it goes up you can make money. I have about 40 now that I'm working on setting up in sets.
  7. Have you checked Ebay recently? I've found a couple nicely priced coins. However, I don't know much but I got mine for $15 at flea market coin shop and I think it was well worth it. One of the shiniest half dollars I have :D and very nice details for being from 1945, you can see all of the eagle's feathers on the reverse and the stars on the front. So it was well worth the money, I'd check ebay often there's new stuff daily. I would also look for coin shops in your area like they have said above.
  8. Anyone selling

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