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  1. Hey,

    I've lately been working on this app to organize and store magic, as it is getting closer to being finished and I'd like to get some feedback!
    My key goals were to make the app simple (using the beautiful material design) and diverse.

    The main screen will looks something like this:

    You will be able to sort your magic with tags, for example #opener/#standartDeck etc.

    For every piece of magic you can add card views (text/video/image) to visualize anything!
    An example for a card trick :

    This way you can also track sleigh of hand progress, structure shows etc.

    Some questions I've got:
    -Would you use the app?
    -How do you like the design (colors/layout etc.)?
    -How do you like the concept of the card views?

    I have so many ideas about features I could include next, but I'd first like to release a basic version and see how well people like and use it.

    If you are interested I did make a landing page for the app, you can leave your e-mail there. You will get exactly one e-mail when the app is published

    I'm exited to hear some feedback!

    Have a nice day,
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  2. That's not bad! So, is this for magicians who create their own tricks and this is where they store them? Or is it like an encyclopedia?

    As for modifications, I recommend you polish it just a little more. Instead of those tags, you could be given the option to name a trick and then later search for it. Also, I have some suggestions if you don't mind.
    * Do you think you can try to make a local forum of magicians? Like, you can select a certain mile radius or something like that?
    * Do you think you can have a GPS that will show you the nearest magic shop?

    These are just ideas. I might use it if it's for windows phone. Keep up the good work!
  3. I think the tags would be very helpful. Naming would be important as well, but if you're looking for an effect in a general category of magic then you could search by tags (e.g. Card Magic, Gimmicked, etc.)
  4. Thanks for the feedback!
    Yes this for magicians who want to write their tricks down.
    I'm still working on it, so polishing will definitely happen!

    When you save a new trick you have to name it, I will include searching via name.

    And what AmberGraci said was exactly my though!

    I really like the idea to include some social aspects (connection magicians)! But I thing this would be a completely new project, same for magic shops, getting a database of all shops is a lot of work.

    I'll first publish this one, but I really like the idea, maybe I will be able to do something about that in the future!

    Thanks! As for now it is only in development for Android, I could port it to Windows phone and I-OS later on!
  5. My reply is in bold and italic in the quote.
  6. Quick update: I've been polishing and fixing bugs for the last week! I hope I will be able to release it at the end of this week/ at the beginning of the next week!
  7. Quick update #2: It is nearly finished, should be out on Wednesday/ Thursday! Hope you'r as exited as I am :)
  8. For anyone who is interested, it will probably be published tomorrow. I'm struggling to choose an icon though!
    Which one do you guys like the most?

    I'd love to receive some feedback!
  9. I can't see the images. Try posting them on imgur and leaving a link for each image.
  11. Hello: Brudigem; I have been most anxiously awaiting your release of this software! It was supposed to be Wednesday or Thursday and maybe Friday and in America it is almost 7PM as I write this. Almost 1AM your time. That said, I am hoping that your app is add free. I do understand the need for revenue. So, if you offer an ad free version then I am prepared to pay handsomely for the privilege! I hope you get this app posted to the Google Play Store, post haste! I look forward to supporting this! But first - Publish Your App!
  12. First I'm glad you are interested, sorry for the delay I underestimated the work that had to be done on the play store, I also encountered a few surprising bugs (it should save everything automatically but in some rare cases it did not) therefore I added a save button for the text views now. I will fix this in the next update. For now there is only the free version (with one little ad-banner on the main page), but I will publish a paid version next week too (it won't be expensive)! Google is currently processing the app, it will be available in a few hours, I'll post an update as soon as it is live!
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    Finally after ~1.5 months of development the app is released!!

    Get it here:
    [Removed due to advertising. Can place link in your forum signature if you like.]

    Any feedback is highly appreciated! I will keep working on updates.
  14. I downloaded it, it seems a useful application. But when I tried to add an image for a note, application stops and give error message.
  15. Thanks for downloading it!

    Did this happen once/ did you try it again? Next update will definitely resolve such errors.
  16. I tried it several times.
  17. Ok thank you for the bug report! I fixed it , will upload it as an update now. The bug occurred when you chose a small image from the gallery (which led to a division by 0).
  18. I am going to try, because it is a useful application.

    May I remove ads?
  19. Sorry I didn't quite understand, what do you want to try? I just fixed the bug (I'll fix another minor bug real quick) and I'll upload an update within the next hour.

    There will be a version published without ads the next week!
  20. I am going to try to add images again. I do not mean to try it works or not. It will work of course.

    Removing ads is good news!

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