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  1. So it seems like more than ever, it's impossible for me to get strangers into the magic I perform. Usually what I do is greet them and ask if they would like to see something interesting. Lately half of them either say no, and the others are just not interested in the least afterwards (and I'm doing effects like prophet and invisible deck so I know it's not my material). Im getting very discouraged and would greatly appreciate some advice such as how ya'll approach them, win them over, and get interested in your performance.
  2. Personality is more important than material. I saw a balloon magician guy who did some awesome balloon stuff, but over all it wasn't anything AMAZING. However, I loved the guy and would see him again because he was hilarious and fun to watch! I can right a ton here on how you need to be fun, authoritative, approachable, entertaining... But it is almost 2am and I'm tired. I'll get back on here the next day or two and if others haven't already chimed in I'll include my other 2 cents.
  3. No, it's not the material. It's you.

    The material you perform is largely irrelevant - As long as it's appropriate to the venue/audience. All that really matters beyond that is your performance of that material. Which, unfortunately, means that the problem you're encountering is that you are not engaging and entertaining these audiences.

    The first thing you need to learn is how to engage someone in conversation without magic as a crutch. The easiest way to do this is developing the habit of chatting with strangers. When you're waiting in line, pick out something notable about someone near you and comment on that. Then introduce yourself, and ask a question. Compliment, introduction, question. Example: "Hey, that's a really nice necklace." "Thanks!" "My name is Luke. Where did you find that necklace?" ... profit! (That's a really summarized version of that conversation, btw).

    Once you get comfortable with engaging strangers in conversation all you need to do is that - Engage strangers in conversation, then steer the conversation to a subject that will let you naturally segue into performance.
  4. The way I approach is simple. When I see a group that seems like they'll enjoy my performance I'll go up to them and introduce myself, tell them they seem like cool people and want to show them something. I don't ask, I just take out my cards(or w/e I have with me at the time) and a lot of the time people will go with it. Very rarely do people ask me to leave or try to leave. It happens, but not as often as people think.

    I do agree with everything Christopher has said. You have to be personable and express it in your own way. Some people are humorous, others are more mysterious, but in the end they try to connect with their audience one way or another, which however way is congruent with them.
  5. Aight, Ill try out your method. It seems better than mine. Thanks!!
  6. Great input, and I'll love to here your advice on how to be fun and approachable. Thanks!
  7. Hey Luke,

    here are 2 pieces of advice that could be helpful:
    1. Don't give them a chance to say no. Don't introduce yourself as a magician because that may cause rejection. Simply greet them with a smile and tell them: "I'd like to show you something." Then pull out a quick opener or something natural and unexpected. Don't pull out a deck of cards right away.
    2. It's all about your personality. Believe me when I say this: You can be as good as you want, if you have a ****ty personality no one is going to enjoy your magic anyway. So go to the group, smile and say "Hello.". Introduce yourself as:" I'm Luke. Here, I want to show you something." The key thing is that the spectator likes you from the start. Magic is just an excuse to get to know people, so it is all about you. Maybe you have a short script for an opener and you use that. Maybe: "Excuse me guys, can you show me where X is. Oh, whats that behind your ear." This is a ****ty :) example but just an idea.
  8. Great advice in this thread. I just finished reading a great resource on questions of this sort - and it's actually even titled "The Approach" - by Jamie Grant. The book covers far more than just the approach - but it's packed with advice on performing, and being a performer. Highly recommended. For any performer with a serious interest, it's loaded with insight (link).
  9. Yes, it's all about our personality and confidence.
    Everybody have their own style to introduce their self.
    And for me not only magic trick need a practice but how to approach people and how to entertain people with magic is also need a pratice.
    I think you can learn from many things like books, dvd's or etc.
    After you see and learn, choose what style is suitable for you.
    Actually is that what I do till now.
  10. Actually I own the book "The Approach". I don't recommend it unless you want to get professionally. It's packed full of business advice as well. Better get "Close Up Secrets" by David Stone. I own it and I think it's better for the kind of work you want to do. You might also take a look and some pick up artists. Although the goal might be questionable you can learn a lot from them, e.g. how to present yourself, how to make a great first appearance.
    1. Head held high.
    2. Smile.
    3. Be confident.

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