Are my hands too small?

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  1. I've just begun to get into cardisrty and I'm just wondering if it makes it harder to do tricks if my hands are small? Also, does fanning powder really work?
  2. For cardistry, I think a bigger hands definitely help making the moves easier, but it really doesn't matter if your hands aren't too small.

    Fanning powder, it works but you don't need it if you have a nice deck of card, actually a deck of Bicycle already fan well.
  3. I don't have it but I am told that Genisis has two different types of instructions for techniques in which hand size matters. I don't have particularly long fingers but I can do a triple Charlier and a one handed faro. I modify each slightly and it took me a little longer than average to learn each technique but the point is, it can be done. Sometimes you have to think outside the box when you have smaller hands. Just think of it as an extra challenge for some techniques. Keep working at it.

    Good luck!
  4. you can use bridge size card
  5. I would disagree with this. I think that you should use poker cards so that you get used to them.

    I don't think your hands are too small though. My hands are small too but unless you have the hands of a seven year old, it should be fine.
  6. While I am not trying to hate on Mahdi and I certainly would not like to offend anyone, I believe that because some cardistry maneuvers do require dexterity of the hands, it does matter.

    Honestly, I was not trying to be rude at all right there. I just didn't know how else to say it. Again, I do believe that Mahdi is an amazing example but I don't think that it applies here.
  7. try to do the thumb cut with poker size, if your hand is to small you won't be able to do it! unless you change the size on the cards
    i don't know where the problem is to use bridge size cards, just ego
  8. And variety. And quality. There aren't bridge sized tallies with the same quality. Or aladdins. Or Arrcos.
  9. I completely disagree. Hand size doesn't matter. practice does. Sure there are moves that create an inconvenience when your hand size is small, but it's still doable and possible in need of altered handling.
  10. No your hands arent too small. Just look at Jay Sankey hes always talking about how his hands are small, but that it doesnt matter because as long as you practice the slights or cuts or whatever it wont matter because youll be able to refine the technique to suit you.
    And dont use fanning powder on your cards it could ruin them if you use too much. The powder is ment for manipulation decks not standard decks.
  11. please dont use fanning powder...i never touch that for my whole life....
    how small your hand and how old are you?
    first time im into magic i used bridge bikes for my performance...
    but now when i grow older i start to used regular poker size deck...

    try to train your sport like basketball, do music like guitar and piano some of this things i believe can stretch your hand and maybe can make it longer bit...:p

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