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  1. Hi mate, this was amazing!
    Almost thought it was speeded up at a few clips.
    It was truly amazing and the quality was really really good, love the intro and the video was really amazing.

    Something that you should think about when you do sucha good video, try to get a good surrounding to shoot in you should check out the winner of the Burt Wonderstone contest he had a idea through the video and a thread that was really cool.
    Here is that video:http://media.theory11.com/8239-wonderstone-contest-2013-grand-prize-winner

    You should really check that out but over all great video 4/5 because of boring the surrounding and not really an idea of the video but work on that and it will be even more amazing.
    Good job buddy!
    Thanks - JokerZingo/Markus
  2. Hey thank you, so much. I really appreciate the support. I had been meaning to film in a better location, but the one that I started to film in initially quickly became occupied by other people. Definitely made it a bit harder. Nevertheless, I totally get what you're saying.

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    Hey Pav, I've got a few comments:

    1. Your opener was a little unclean with cards getting stuck behind. It's worth it to do multiple takes to make sure that you get a perfect, clean block of cards sliding out of the deck.

    2. With several of your moves the packets would often get a bit disheveled. They would start to come apart or otherwise cease to be perfectly together. Keeping packets clean makes the moves look many times better, so it's worth doing multiple takes for that, as well.

    3. If you're right-handed, don't film from the left so much. It obscures some of the motions. Mix up your angles. Straight-on works, so does from slightly above, and from the right. Play with all of them.

    4. While this is a matter of personal preference, I felt there were too many two-handed cuts in the video. I'm craving more variety. While the two-handed cuts you used looked good, they all begin to blend together when it's just cut after cut after cut.

    5. Again, a personal preference, but I would like more uncut sequences. Having each single move be its own take and cutting to black in between upsets the pace of the video and can get boring.

    I also agree with the above comments regarding your background / setting.

    All in all, you have skill, I would just like to see it showcased a little differently. :)

    All the best,
  4. Vinnie has given a lot of good advice. I am not anywhere close to as knowledgeable, especially in flourishing. I do however have my opinion on things. One big turn off I had was the deck choice, as I think it is unclean and sloppy looking. I know it performs well and whatnot and that this is the design, I just think that it would look much more appealing if you used a more clean and sleek deck. This is just my opinion though, and the choice is really up to you. I do think you have a lot of talent in flourishing. A lot more then me, that is for sure. I like a lot of your other stuff though.

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