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  1. from what i understand there is no difference at all. the reprint of the banknotes has been out for some time now, but just now being sold on t11.
  2. Except eBay is cheaper.

  3. I still bought 12 from T11. Support all the way!
  4. Does anyone know if these are limited edition?
  5. I think those are the differents:
    Not sure though.

  6. These Aristocrats have had embossing and gold ink on the court cards for a while. Theory11 hasn't done anything to them.
  7. To clarify, these are not a T11 print job, however, these reprints of the old 727 decks are one of the BEST decks hands down that I've handled from USPCC... especially with the move to the Erlanger plant. I was told that these were in a limited print run, but not sure if they are going to print the other designs too. The finish is what really sells this deck!

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