At the Table Lectures: What do YOU want to see?

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Nov 21, 2009
Sacramento, Cali
Peeps! Peepettes! Sirs and Madams!

Just wanted to take a few minu-toes to discuss with you At the Table Live Lectures, it's format and the direction it's heading in. We have already had a great kick off season with Michael Ammar, ya boy Danny Garcia, Jason England, the Romanian romancer Alex Pandrea and Jon Armstrong...all strong names. (No Pun. Ok. SOME pun). But take the names away from the equation for a second. Let's talk about the format...

I am now the acting host of this ongoing series,and I feel it really is my "duty" to find out what YOU guys would like/want to see. Here's what you are already getting:

- 2+ hours of solid magic performed and taught by some of the best.
- 4 awesome camera angles that allow us at any given time, to switch to a different perspective to ensure maximum efficiency as it pertains to learning.

You know what, let me scrap the "selling points". Let's talk about what YOU want to see...

If you know you are already going to see amazing performers perform and teach some of their best work, what else do you want? We want to make this just as FUN as we do INFORMATIVE, INTERACTIVE and most importantly, ENTERTAINING. We don't want to take away anything...we want to ADD to your experience.

Do you want to see some of your favorite performers involved in some sort of a magic prank video?

How about having them perform some of their effects for a real audience, so we can then analyze and discuss back in the studio?

There are so many different and interesting ideas that I have in my head and on paper, and it makes me constantly think about WHY Jimmy Fallon is so successful with his branding of the Tonight Show. He is doing MORE with his guests than JUST an interview. I know that at the end of the day, it's all about learning magic and bettering yourself as a performer, but how much FUN can we have in the process??? YOU tell ME!!!!!

Again...what would YOU like to see?
Jan 1, 2009
Back in Time
I would really like to see Juan Tamariz do a lecture on there. But, I don't think it would work because he tends to go WAY past most lecture's session time. I think Aaron Fisher mentioned that Tamariz will do sessions all the way till 4 AM. But if you could manage to get him and actually allow him to keep going for as long as he wants. Then that would be great.
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