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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sfield001, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. I live in Australia, Melbourne and want to go see magicians perform or discuss tricks and see seminars etc.

    Does anyone know where I can go or what club to join etc.

    Thanks Scott.
  2. Hey Scott,

    There are a fair few of us on here now,

    Im sure one of the VIC boys will be able to help out!

  3. check out anthony demasi. he's really great - nothing underground or "cool yeh man", just a really great night of entertainment; magic and comedy.

    highly recommended. just really entertaining.
    i want to see him again.
    (he's on facebook as well for interest's sake)
  4. First off, you might want to check the Magic Store at Southgate (Southbank)

    Every 1st Monday of the month there is Magic Mondays at Dante's in Fitzroy, you can get info when you visit the magic store.

    Every 2nd Monday of the month there is the Australian Society of Magicians (ASM) meeting at the Swiss Club in Flinder's Lane (CBD)

    Every 4th Monday there is Mitcham Magic at the Mitcham RSL, once again info can be obtained at the magic store.

    If you want updates on what's happening around Melbourne, you should check out
    A weekly magic oriented talk show thingy hosted by our friendly magic store people.

    Hope this helps, and look forward to seeing you around.

  5. Look at amane's post there.
    We actually also have an IBM ring that meet once a month. I have, however, heard bad things about that ring and it's members but I might end up joining some time anyway.
  6. There is an IBM ring and also a Magic Circle society...
    But it's pretty much all the same people ... haha...
    People just flock to the ASM because it's the bigger club (4th oldest in the world)
  7. Are you a member?

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