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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Joey Ro, Sep 17, 2018.

  1. Hello all,

    So I used to be on this forum back in my college days almost ten years ago. Back then I would read through the forums on my breaks between class. Since then I have still practiced but haven’t stayed in tune with the community as much. I’m sure there are others with similar stories and I’d like to hear what brought you guys back and if there was anything new you learned that kind of “brought you back in the groove”. Is there a routine or an effect that you still do from your college days? Was there anything amazing you discovered you missed out on in your time away?

    For me I still perform a lot of Daniel Madison’s Burn. I was even shocked when I saw angle Z get a head of steam long after I read about it in one of his little lecture notes. Still the closer I go to most often.

    Well I look forward to hearing your stories. Take care all.

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  2. The thing that always gives me a new burst of steam is either performing a new show, or delving back into books - which I alternate between every year.
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  3. The books are a great one. I credit the books as the reason why magic has stayed in my life. I just picked up Corinda. Trying to make my routines a little more “heady” lol.
  4. I could be wrong but I think he means more mental, or thought provoking. Rather than "pick a card" type routines.
  5. I have taken about 2 breaks from magic and recently have been getting back into it. Personally speaking when I get back into practice and such I try not to overwhelm myself with advanced tricks that others are doing currently. Simple and basic double lifts and color changes are enough to amaze plenty of laymen. I think magicians are to worried about get caught up on the "fooling other magicians" aspect of there art instead of doing the actual role of a magician. To perform and entertain for laymen. Just an idea to keep in mind :)

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