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  1. Was wondering if i could have some people critique my backpalm. Here's two videos of my backpalm.


    While i'm posting this if anyone has some good card or pen vanishes they could reference me to that would be great. Thanks!
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  3. The above repy was posted by mistake.
    About your backpalm: looks great if that's what it always looks like! You seem to have the technique down well. But you don't need to shake your hand so vigorously after the vanish. Make a coupe of regular swings and then make the last a larger one, large enough to cover the action completely in one go. It makes the vanish a lot prettier as there's no shaking afterwards.

    Other vanishes:-

    For cards, I pretty much only do the rub-a-dub-dub vanish. Angleproof, extremely effective, and impossible to folow. Other popular card vanishes usually involve Tenkai palming a single card, not a big fan of those.

    For pen: Flipstick.
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  4. Do you mean the one in ECT, the one where the ''card'' requires to be rubbed on a flat surface?

    Since it's about backpalms, is it normal to have the outside corners (the shorter end's) peek from the gaps between fingers, when the hand is 'open', 'clean' and facing the audience?
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  5. Thank you! it looks much nicer without shaking so much at the end, thank you for the other vanishes too. I'll definently check them out.

    It's a common problem to have the corners poking through, but they're not something you want to have when preforming it as it can be pretty obvious if your standing close to someone.
  6. If I focus on the good things first you have a really cool pop when the card comes back. It makes the reappearance really fast. The back palm is a difficult move even though it's taught in many beginner books. Also, those cards look amazing.

    Now I don't have the world's best back palm, and the back palm will probably always look better live than it does on camera, but I have some tips that I'd like to share in this really crappy video.

  7. Wow, Thank you. I will be trying out a lot of those things for sure. I'm particularly interested in the cardini singles i think you called them. When you did them they looked very nice. I will also practice orientation of the card, turnovers, and things of the sort. It really helps a lot, so thank you!
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  8. It looks ok, though as previously stated slow down a bit, Jeff Sheridan's - The Sheridan Course in Card Manipulation is a great resource where the back palm is concerned but keep practicing and Josh also had some great tips and I really like his turnover.
  9. I think you would get a lot out of watching Jeff Sheridan.

    In particular 1:30 - 2:12 amazing back palming skill. Check that card production @1:39 that's his favorite way to produce a back palmed card.

    He talks about that at length in his 'The Sheridan Course in Card Manipulation' DVDs.

    Check them out if you want a really great resource on back palming and a lot of other card manipulation techniques.

    Best of luck!

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