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Do you feel its hard to do flourishes with small hands ??

  1. Yes !

  2. No not really

  3. 50/50

  1. Hi ,

    I've been doing flourishes for a while now and I have learnt a few such as the Sybil cut, Raptor, Werm , Waterfall (Cascade), and a few other simple one's but I began my Cardistry days with the Sybil cut and never picked up the very basic one's and so now when I try to learn new ones I see there are basics needed to be able to learn it easily .

    At this point I'd have to go learn it and then get back to learning the flourish .... so to avoid all that in a shot I'd like to know what are the basics to know before going into more flourishes .

    And also if anyone has pointers on how to deal with flourishes when you have small hands it'll be helpful as I have small hands and find it hard to do flourishes easily.
  2. Hey Josh!

    Flourishing is not easy, even with normal-sized hands. Most of the time, some moves are difficult because the technique is not on point, and because the fingers are not used to be in such a position. It took me two months be comfortable doing the revolution cut, and another two months for the scissors cut, and they are considered basic moves!

    Do not be afraid to try new finger placement to see what works for you. Also, take a close look at cardistry tutorials in slow motion to analyze the exact finger placement, you might have overlooked an important detail that was pin-pointed by the creator.

    Use gravity if necessary. Some people with small hands will let the packet fall in a thumb cut because they do not have enough reach to hold both packets at the same time. There is always a way, find one that works for you.

    You can refer to this list of basic moves:
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  3. Hey @Fox13 ,

    Thanks so much , yea reading what you've said it seems to make sense, I guess I've just got to find out what movements or hand positioning is comfortable for me when it comes to doing flourishes. Thanks again for the list's of basic's all that's left now is to get to learning ...
  4. Yeah. Its kind of hard. Its impossible for me to do a scissor cut, or do a one handed shuffle for me. But lots of cuts that don't involve the stretching of the hands are easy for me :). So yeah! KEEP trying.
  5. My hand size is on the low end of average.

    You'll want to start with one-handed cuts just to get your dexterity (stats) up.

    If anything, if you have small hands, Thumb Cut is going to suck. It sucks for me. I haven't got my thumb stretched enough to get a good fast Thumb Cut.
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  6. Thanks and yea precisely the one handed cuts needed make the whole thing seem hard .......
  7. Yes that's also right but then again there's nothing we can do, if in a flourish we need a scissor cut or any other single handed one's. So yea true we can focus on the one's without much stretching but its better to come up with comfortable method's cause otherwise we missing out on a lot of cool flourishes ...
  8. All I do are one-handed cuts. They aren't too bad--at least the basics.

    If you want to push difficulty for one handed stuff: L-Cuts. They look good when both hands are doing them, but astronomically goofy if only one hand is doing it.

    But where you're at, it may take a while to learn simple stuff. At least, being able to do it fluently.

    Best advice is to pick three flourishes and cycle between all 3. This way, if you burn out on one, you have two as a fallback. Keeps things interesting and keeps you on track.
  9. My Mage uses Scissor Cut!
  10. That actually makes sense ! but would that be applicable for simple cuts alone ???
  11. Yea from what I've read here and out ... Scissor is one to start with but it takes practice i'm still trying .
  12. I was doing that when I first started. Kept me from getting discouraged and quitting
  13. Yea i guess i should get on with it yea !! its gonna take a while but Thanks @Brett Hurley
  14. I will be honest though, the flourishes I learned first were a bit wonky. I learned Charlier and Revolution Cut. And then decided, 'yeah! I'm ready for Muse Cut!' Not a good idea, but everyone goes on the journey their own way.

    That said, I didn't learn Scissor Cut until I was a year into it, only because it was a prerequisite for another flourish I wanted to learn ('Rinzler' from the 2015 Cardistry Con tutorial bundle).

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