Beginner cardist - blister on finger after learning and practicing scissor cut?

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  1. Hello everyone. I entered the world of cardistry recently and I love it. Every time I learn a new flourish and having a "eureka moment" to know how to flourish that move is extremely satisfying for me.

    I learnt the scissor cut from Andrei Jikh's Genesis volume 1. I love this move and kept practicing only this move for a an hour stright. I can make a good looking scissor cutwithout droping cards or making an untidy looking deck after the move now. But after a while I noticed my index finger's between first and second joint, between index and middle finger side (where it used to hold the card and as pivor point for 2 packet to complete scissor cut) got 2 very small blister. Obviously I can't practicing this move for now and let it rest for a day or two.

    I would like to know, if I used too much force to hold the 2 packet or am I just having a delicated finger skin (I'm a programmer btw) due to being new to cardistry.
  2. It's probably just because you don't generally have friction on that part of your fingers. I had the same thing when I learned the one handed shuffle.
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  3. ohh, ok. I guess it's just one of the necessary step to improve.

    thx for sharing.
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  4. It's probably nothing to freak out about. You were practicing this move for an hour straight! If your fingers/muscles aren't accustomed to moving and flexing a certain way, it's bound to get some sort of resistance.
    On the bright side, blisters turn into calluses, which will make your finger less susceptible to the friction of the cards later on!

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