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  1. Hi all, I'm new to cardistry and have been trying to access the FAQ page but it just keeps breaking, so I figured I would just open a thread. The first thing I was looking for a little guidance with is deck type for cardistry. I've heard of different decks with different paper/finish can be much more difficult to use for cardistry, and I wanted to know if there are any specific deck types that would be good for cardistry in general, particular to a newbie. Thanks in advance to those who help me out. Stoked to get into this.
  2. one of the best decks to use is/are tally ho circleback red or blue,viper,whatever as well as archangels arcanes ignites or monarchs.
  3. try to use the bicycle's that come in the 808 box. that means that the back design is on the back of the box.

    i found out that the newer ones are not so good quality. the ones that don't have the back design on the back

    also alot of these theory11 decks are good
  4. I recently started doing cardistry too lol. I have been doing it for about 7 months and the best playing cards that I found were very durable and after all the abuse I gave them at first, they were still together. And those playing cards are the tally ho circle back. I absolutely love that deck. I can use them all day and they can still fan pretty freaking good. I love them and highly recommend them. Good Luck :D
  5. The Tally-Ho Circle Back deck is indeed one of the best decks for Cardistry, but I think it depends very much on personal preference. I would suggest you try out a few decks, and then decide for yourself which one suits you best.
  6. I highly recommend on the Tally Ho playing cards,they are really good.
  7. For practice: Bicycle Poker-sized Rider Backs. They're cheap, and good practice cards.

    For performing or if you have some cash to spare for better practice cards: Tally-Ho. Circle back or fan back, all up to your preference.

    You can get a decent price on Tally Ho's on eBay sometimes.


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