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    I have a control that uses the tenkai.
    So it looks as if i am putting the card on the deck but really..
    I'm *looses train of thought.
  2. Cascade Control is my favorite.
  3. I, too, like a good pass. A double undercut is good for surrounded situations, though. I like to use a sweet-looking false cut such as Molecule 4 or Mecka (taught in The Trilogy) after a control move. It always leaves the audience impressed and convinced that there is NO WAY you could have controled their card...:D

  4. the ego slip by danny g is one of my favorites
  5. A good pass does the trick for me, I can really think of any other controls i use, I know the double under cut, but I dont really like it, Ill have to learn some more today.

    Cheers, Tom
  6. Mine is BY FAR the Losing Control,by Lee Asher. Imagine a pass...with no movement whatsoever. It's in the center, close the spread, it's on top. B-E-A-UTIFUL control that fools both layfolk and magicians.

    I use the Losing Control all the time unless I'm feeling a bit 'fourishy', when I'll do the Swing Swivel control. I forget where I learned it, but it looks pretty cool.
  7. I'm having trouble with the Ego Slip though. They always see it go on top, even though i try to get the timing right. I love the idea of just putting it on top.
  8. Losing Control!

    I also like the pass and the double undercut but the best control for me is by far the Losing Control by Lee Asher. It´s very easy to learn and very deceptive.
  9. where can i learn losing control??
  10. You can buy Losing Control directly from Lee Asher's website.

  11. I highly recommend the Losing Control. I learned it and now use it about 90% of the time I need to control cards. It is SO deceptive and SO practical - it's a control that you are BOUND to use. The fact that it's mechanically simple and very easy is a bonus. It might take a little while to get down super-smoothly like Lee Asher does it, but you could easily be doing this control deceptively with 20 minutes of practice and be fooling EVERYONE - magicians and laymen alike.

    Here's a little mini-review that Jon Rice wrote about it for a little more information
  12. I like to use my control/switch called the Reliable Switch, or just a good old ego slip. It's funny but I'm a pretty advanced magician but I cannot do a decent pass. It kind of sucks...
  13. could someone link me to the lee asher control preveiw video as i wanna see it in action before i buy it
  14. The Lepaul jog control.
    After it I do a double undercut variation from LePaul to get it on top.
    It's so convincing because you can really push the card in the fan, really deep.
    I'm also going to check Lee Asher's losing control.
    That guy is full of superb idea's.

    Elliot Carver
  15. Lee had one up on his website at one point, but it was taken down because people were figuring it out after multiple viewings.

    You'll just have to trust me (us, Jon + I) that it is a KILLER control that is easy and works in real life situations. Like Jon said, if you want a practical move, take a plunge and buy it.
  16. It would also be good for you to learn a side steal. I know that Luke Jermay has a new download out called, I believe it is called "Multiple Shifts". I have looked throughout the download around a week back and it has a lot of invisible controls to where you can control cards to the top, bottom, or center of deck. I recommend that!

    Also, if you don't know about the cascade control, look into learning that. Don't forget about learning how to execute pass moves like the half pass and others. I use the turnover pass, which I don't see others really use. I feel it's wuite underrated, it is a very good pass when done right. ;)
  17. where can i learn the cascade control??
  18. Card Finesse 2
    but if your just buying the book for that, you are gonna be dissapointed. This book has some pretty advanced stuff in it.

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