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  1. Andrei Jikh

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  2. Daniel Madison

    8 vote(s)
  3. Dan and Dave

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  4. Other

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  1. *Flourishing

  2. XCM is pure card manipulation. Flourishing is an application to magic.
  3. Flourishing = XCM
  4. no it doesn"t.
  5. Haha Jamal, so stubborn =D
  6. There is a difference from cardistry and xcm. I believe cardistry is flourishing as well. Though the difference between cardistry and Xtreme Card Manipulation is minnamal. Also, I found this funny, when saying Xcm's full name. Laymen think you're kind of weird because of that name. So I use cardistry for both terms most of the time. XTREME CARD MANIPULATION!!!:p
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    No u are
    In xb1 devo says to call yourself a card artist. He says that xcm is not a popular term among laymen. Besides can you guys stop all the bs for once. If you tell a laymen you do cardistry all they know is that your doing something with cards, which doesn't exactly describe what your gonna be doing.
    does anybody know what they're even talking about? not a single person in this thread is educated in the ways that they should state their D*F:LK#@R;2 opinions. way too many posts to say "your wrong and this is why" to.
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    Okay, so xcm is different than cardistry. Cardistry is flourishing, and Jamal wants us to be card artists...:D
    I'm still going to call myself and
  10. Why does a title matter? Its all card manipulation.
  11. Me, I am the Best Ever!

  12. Dude, you forgot The virts. They don't deserve to be in the "other" category.
  13. Yes, I know...
    I just want to have a million options and to make it simpler for the flourishers to be T11 artists.

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