best color change?

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  1. what is the best color change for performing surrounded by people? I'm new to magic, started around 3 months ago and I only learned the paintbrush color change. I like it, but I want to learn other changes
  2. Entirely subjective. There is no "best" - it's whatever the person doing the magic likes to do.

    I like my variation of the classic change, as well as the Bertram Change, and Tony Chang's "Be Kind Change".
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  3. My color change "I Love Trains" is my favorite. It can be done surrounded as well.
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  4. My personal favorite is a variation on Marlo's Miracle Change that makes it visual. If you know your palms, you can do it surrounded.

    Also, I love watching FLAP by Hondo Chen (If Gimmicks count) and Shin Splint by Shin Lim (and pretty much the rest of Shin Lim's works too), but I do not own either.
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  5. I have to agree with Maaz here. FLAP is really good AND as visual as it gets, it's like live photoshop
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  6. Erdnase color change and Cardini color change. I like these because they have applications beyond just a color change.
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  7. The rel change. It is hyper visual and extremely amazing looking. Just a little angle sensitive but that can be managed!
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  8. I do a a twirl or shake change is what I believe people call it, best for surrounded.

    I do it at 1:48 in this video:
    1;27 in this one:

    You can't see the moment too well in the last video, but that's the timing I like nowadays.
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