Best deck for a hot climate?

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  1. Im going to france quite soon, and i was just wondering, what everyone recommends for the best practice deck to use in a hot country?

    I'll mainly be practicing J5 and other cuts (2 handed and 1), and am not too bothered about fans or spreads at this moment in time.

    I was looking at steamboat 999's, and my budget will be about $8 max, i only want 1 deck that can last about 2-3 weeks of pretty close to constant practice!:D

    I can't get either Vodka's (and not because their sold out) or Aladdins, as the deck has to be from the UK, as i need pretty quick and cheap enough shipping!

    It can be any poker sized deck, from WPT cards to arrcos, whichever any reckons are good for practicing with, wearing out, and abusing :cool:


  2. Aladdins I think
  3. C'mon...FRANCE?! Man....You have not been to Singapore -_-
    Well, my advice would be to bring a LOT of decks for practice (Depending on how long your stay is) just bring normal bikes. Nothing special. dont bring any rare, special, etc. especially to practice with. also, practice inside of an air conditioned building. Like when my family went to the mall in singapore, i practiced the most there. =D
    Dude.... france is nothing compared to singapore..... singapore eats your cards, pukes on them, and then burns them... -_-
    Good luck man..

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    yeh i know singapore is the killer of all cards, but i may also be going to spain also, and it will be A LOT hotter there... anyway, im just wondering if anyone knows which deck out of say

    Tally Ho's
    other USPC brands

    last the longest with practice!!!

    thanks though for the all the advice, appreciated :D

    EDIT: Went for a WPT blue diamond back deck :D
  5. Cant go wrong with a few tallys man
  6. In a hot climate.... There is no "best practice cards" im sorry. Go with the cheapest, but go with them in a LARGE quantity. That's all I'm going to say because that's all I have to say.

  7. Standard bikes will do the job. One time I was at a pool in 90 degree weather and I was surprised to see that they still fanned well. Just bring 2 or 3 of them.
  8. come to Venezuela and you'll cry xD... I NEVER GO OUT WITH MY CARDS, xD or when I perform outdoors thats the last time I'm gonna use that deck for practicing...
  9. i'm in France, the weather changes Everyday, in one moment, it's really sunny it's so cool but two seconds after PAF! it's rainning :( lol
  10. if anyone cares, i went for a WPT blue deck, apparantly, they last a decent time, and i wont mine shredding them :D
  11. definitely the abolut deck is the one it resist bad weather, being cold or hot is not a problem for this deck
  12. gotta go with some tallys man. you can get them cheap and 2 or 3 decks would do ya just fine. secondly they are exquisite decks
  13. Well I was just in Punta Cana, where humidity was through the roof. Everytime I took my cards out they came out in a solid brick, and I was using Tally's. I had to do a bunch of springs and shuffles to get them into a satisfactory condition. Fanning? Ha. Forget about it.
  14. France? Singapore? I'm in Saudi! :D ( it gets 40 C here in summer! :p )

    I never ever perform outdoors while the sun is im the sky ( unless its winter obviously ).

    Outdoors, I perform from 8pm -11pm in most days.

    Sunlight with heat is something you don't want. Its a bit hot here at night, but the cards handle just fine. I've used bikes, tallys, and E's masters, all handle well in heat ( without sun light )

  15. I would recommend a few basic bikes or tallys. Even though it isn't as hot in Singapore compared to Saudi, my sweaty palms combined with the humidity gobbles my cards up. And I would leave my soaked cards in an air conditioned room to dry.
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    saudi has nothing on singapore. Singapores humidity and temperature including your own sweat screws even alladins i bought 2 air cushioned alladins and within 4 days its messed up. but yea tallys hold up well even in singapore so i would say tallys
  17. I've never killed 2 decks in 4 days and will never. I try to keep my decks alive for as long as possible. Does tallys last longer than bikes?
  18. You guys obviously haven't been to Australia, the place where it's impossible to get cards, and when you do they instantly die. Stock up on many bikes or tally's, as there's no deck that lasts forever. Except maybe Kem :p
  19. I´m so glad I live in Sweden:p no problem with humidity or heat, cards stay in great shape for a long time..
  20. Ive never realy found weather to efffect my cards tbh, exept for when its raining of corse

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