Best magic tricks of 2014

Dec 18, 2014
Joining MrHurley question.
My top 5 tricks are:
1. Mirage vanish - The reactions are great
2. Stigmata - This just creep people away
3. Control 2.0 - a favorite of mine
4. A coin routine using an hand wash I came with
5. Shredder by spidey - :)
Oct 8, 2014
I really like the DVD called MONEY starring Jay Noblezada. It didn't come out this year but I got it this year and I highly recommend it. I also like ACE by Richard Sanders it is the best trick with cards I have done.

Brett Hurley

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Sep 27, 2014
Texa$, with a dollar sign
I just started magic this year, so I'm not really on the up-and-up of what came out THIS year. But here's the top 5 of my acquired tricks.

5. Joel Paschall's One Hand Ace Cut - I just got it a few days ago and just started doing it fluently. It's an instant favorite and a great one handed card trick for my repertoire.
4. Telekinetic Nut - this one is easy and compact and gets great reactions, it needs a bit of a setup though
3. Tenyo Burglar Ball - One of the few non-gimmicked Tenyo items that gets awesome reactions and is easy to build a routine around
2. Tenyo Clean Cut - Done right, it kills. I've been using a routine I've Seen on YouTube, but it's a super good rope trick.
1. Tenyo Magical Sneakers - kids love it and the reveal always gets great reactions. Easy to perform and fun to build the patter around
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