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  1. I realized that i have been performing biddle trick for years, and i always use boring patter. Does anyone have a story or "reason" for doing the trick?

    for example when i do subway, i always tell them its just like the scene in willie wonka where the kid teleports through the tv! lol they love that.
  2. The patter that I always use is that it's not a trick, it's a demonstration of skill. I say that I have a skill that allows me to tell how far down in the deck your card is (cut cards into hand). But then I say that I'm not really good but i'm normally within 5 cards (turn 5 cards over). That's the patter I've always used, and I suppose I should credit Oz from Penguinmagic because that's the patter he uses, I kinda stole it.
  3. i try to test their poker face during the last phase.. but first i need to remember the chosen card in the beginning. then as the trick progresses to the last part where you only have 5 cards in your hands. i will ask them to either lie or tell the truth thus the poker face thing comes in.. i will look at the cards one by one and ask him/her to tell me if that is their card or not.. then after they tell me a lie or the truth.. i will present the cards showing them that the true chosen card disappeared from the five cards im holding.. then transfered to the the deck face up.. :)
  4. Please pick a card, one that you think would make an excelent theif. Excelent. Now that the theif has stolen soemthing he runs off hoping no one will be able to find him. But i, the skillful police officer that i am, can find him. In fact i have already narrowed it down to five suspects. Do you see the theif in there? excelent *hand them the packet* can you please point him out? what? he is gone? i should have known the guilty card would run away. danm, now he could be anywhere. *spread pack face up*. oh, but it looks like he failed at cover his tracks.
  5. What is this, playschool? What's with the thieves?

    at least use the word 'Imagine'. or 'Lets pretend that..'
  6. The thief thing sounds great, if you present it right.

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