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    I am getting into loops, and I have been told to use black cards, as they conceal the color of the loops. Does theory 11 sell any black cards I could buy?
    Edit: I was thinking more like shadow masters black :/ and I was referring to the faces, because I perform the haunted deck.
    Thanks though :D
  2. Rebels are good, Charity Water decks are black and yellow, but a dark blue deck would work well, too. This gives you a lot more options
  3. Rebels have been sold out though :/ Is it possible if you give me a list?
  4. No, T11 does not sell decks with black faces. Ellusionist seem to populate the market of black decks.

    fyi, you can use loops with almost any deck in the world as long as they're not fully white.
  5. Basically you can use loops with any deck. Of course it is better if it has a dark back, but it is not absolutely necessary as long as you have the right lighting. Once I even used the white Monarchs... ;)

    But if you want to use a dark game, you still have a plenty of decks to choose from.
  6. Monarchs are pretty black.. IF you get the black ones LOL.
  7. What you're looking for is more of a pattern than being 'black'.

    Thread is a straight line which will show up on many colors because the human eye is made to detect lines. You can break this up by having a pattern behind it, or by striping the thread itself.
  8. There is an effect from Gaeton Bloom that he uses a normal bee cards and at one point he even has it with the face of the card toward the spectators. They never see it. It's all in the IT you use.
  9. I'm afraid this simply isn't true. Using IT well requires more than just having a certain IT.
  10. I second this. A busy pattern makes the thread super hard to see. The worst thing is a solid color back in my opinion. The same with the shirt you are wearing. If it is solid color, even black, the light reflecting on the thread will give it away. With a patterned shirt or deck it is extremely difficult to catch any glint that may happen.

    With a solid color deck, there is supposed to be NO variation, so if your spectator sees a variation their eyes jump right to it. With a busy patterned deck, there is variation all over, and vaiation caused by thread becomes very, very hard to single out.

    // L
  11. You should look at the Gaeton Bloom Lecture from Penguin. He talks about making his own and he is using the white part of the card. Hell he even used cigarettes.
  12. I think we're getting into territory of Stratocaster vs. Les Paul. Depends entirely on what you plan on doing with the thing whether or not its the right tool for the job.
  13. Simple SSS strat vintage noisless maple board into a twin with a vox wah and a tube screamer. It;s the only tool you need.
  14. In my own work I prefer a down-tuned Steinberger through a Hughes & Kettner stack with an Ibanez Weeping Demon and DigiTech DigiChorus. Yeah. I'm one of those guys.
  15. Alright, so would Monarchs do? or the Jaqks?
  16. 59LP Glold top through a Marshall stack - Nough said!
  17. Again, part of the question is where do you plan on performing? If you're out in broad daylight, then something like the Monarchs or Tally-ho Vipers would be a good option. I'd also suggest wearing a patterned shirt or even a really complicated band T-shirt.

    If on the other hand you plan on using loops only in lower light conditions, there's more you can get away with and the need for black decks is reduced.
  18. with PAF or soap bars?

    You have to watch the lighting no matter want but you can get but with blue backed bees or any full bleed busy back pattern in a darker color.
  19. PAF - Can't believe you would need to ask ;)

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