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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gomeriffic, Mar 2, 2008.

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    Hello everyone! Just keeping everyone updated with new stuff releases.

    March: Black Ghost is out in two days! (The 4th of March)
    The Centurions! (Hopefully!)
    Electric Touch- Back in stock at E. (for all you mentalists)

    April: Ultragaff is coming out! (Pretty much a sweet gaff deck!)
    GTA IV

    Those are all the releases I know about so far. Any more, just reply!
  2. dude, how do you know its out in 2 days?
  3. Dang it, if i had known they were coming out, i would of saved my pocket money!

  4. Well I guess this was a bit helpful.
  5. Yeah... uh... thanks?
  6. That was a nice reminder :)
    But WhAt ?? BGD coming out 4 march ? Wait a sec.. am I getting it wrong or something ? Black Ghost Deck coming out ? where ?
  7. GTA IV is coming out April 29th add that to your list.
  8. Lol. Yeah I reserved that. Can't wait until Prophet is released too.
  9. So are you gonna confirm how you know the BGs are coming out on the 4th?
  10. I really doubt there coming out on the 4th. E would have advertised it.
  11. true true. but they have released products with pretty much exact dates to T11 previously, so it does a make a little bit of sense

  12. what....... is............that
  13. Grand Theft Auto?

    I believe.
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    I'd like to know where you got your information from.
    E always advertises their products and sends us emails when their coming out with stuff, plus, come on.
    It's the black ghost deck. We would have heard about them releasing it about 2 months ago if what this guy's saying is real.
  15. It's much more likely they'll post the photo gallery of the second editions tomorrow to coincide with theory11's centurion announcement.
  16. the bgd is out on the 4th because: Look at Ineski's vid called Two Days. He's coutin down to the release.
  17. I'm lost, i seen the video called 3 days and i assumed its the length of time it took him to film it?

    How did u possibly link 2 days to black ghost?
  18. How about a link for the rest of us that don't really know what your talking about.
  19. Thanks for the news dude! I'm gonna get 2.
  20. Okay.
    Then look at the description. mundusvultdecipi
    Add spaces, you get mundus vult decipi, which is on the Ghost Jokers.
    That translates to "The World Invites Deception."
    Ha Ha!
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