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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gomeriffic, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. Ellusionist is a company too...
  2. I agree. 9$ is overkill. I mean, damn.

    I just go to Costco and stock up on Bicycles. That always works.


  3. Sinful...

    As far as I recall (I'm working so I can't check, but I'm pretty much 100% on this) in the podcast late last year, Brad said that the price of the decks goes down the more you buy. Therefore if you buy a brick of them, they work out closer to $6 or something each.

    One other thing, don't mean to sound off but the whole "It costs this much to produce..." argument unfortunately doesn't hold much water. Everything you already own or will ever own - books, DVD's, posters, shoes, hats, tee-shirts, food, cigarettes, alcohol, cups n' saucers, cutlery, small plastic replicas of dogs in hats and boots, mirrors, vacuum cleaners, the bags that go in vacuum cleaners, the attachments that go on the end of vacuum cleaners, the petrol that goes in your car to drive to the department store to buy the vacuum cleaner in the first place - is marked up, most of the time to extortionate levels.

    A good example is a DVD of a movie. Say Universal spend $200m dollars to make a film. They spend the equivalent on advertising it to get it to sell (believe it or not, this is in fact the case for the majority of Hollywood movies), so they've spent $400m.

    The film takes in $800m at the global box office. True there are extra expenditures involved - prints and repro, delivery and all that rubbish - but it's miniscule in comparison to the other figures. So...they've made a healthy $400m profit. They then spend about a tenth of their original budget on mass producing the DVD of the same movie and sell it for $29.95. With the amount it works out to produce the DVD's, they'll still turn a 100% return on selling one for about $6...

    We all still buy films though. Because we want to. Because it's the only way to get the film to see it again (legally) without having to wait for a year for it to come on TV.

    It's called a free market.

    A seller can choose the price of a product and a buyer can choose to buy that product or not.

    The outcome of all this mark-up is profit.
    Profit keeps businesses afloat (I should know, I have 4 businesses...people pay what i charge...or they don't, simple as that).
    This keeps the business in business and making the products that, hopefully, people want to buy.

    E don't have to make the BG 2nd Editions.
    People want them.
    They know that selling them will make a nice tidy profit.

    Ain't nothing wrong with that.

    If the world ran on good will we'd be living in very different circumstances than we are now.

  4. Ownage.

    Without a doubt.

    And for the love of God...please protect my dear vacuum cleaners Rabid!
  5. i would think about this. the world pretty much revolves around money. magicians are an exception. they care about quality more than anything. i knew some of the stuff on trilogy before i got it. i didnt learn exactly, but pretty close. i still got it though. that way i can learn the PERFECT way to do it. i am gonna buy the black ghosts for 2 reasons.

    1. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L

    2. high quality

    there you go
  6. Yeah can you please stop lying. Proof
  7. ooo, that was a little harsh.

    Lets not judge by that video to see if he already knew stuff from the Trilogy or not. I find that a little hard to believe though, because most tricks/flourishes on those DVDs were complex. Maybe he'll elaborate on what he already knew from the DVDS.
  8. Guys, I must admit that I am a little disappointed.

    We here at theory11 try to keep things as friendly, polite, civil, courteous, and most importantly fun as possible. However, the last several pages of this thread have not been any of the things that I already mentioned. This thread has strayed off-topic several times, and I had hoped that it would either die out, or that everyone would straighten up their act.

    Unfortunately, neither of those things has happened, nor do I find it likely that they will happen. Therefore, I am going to close this thread, however, any private conversations that you may wish to have can be continued via PM.

    Thanks everybody,
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