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  1. I agree with most of what you said except the above quote. Although most of the time, negative reviews/comments are very uncivilized and usually are in all caps with spelling and grammar errors strewn throughout, there are a few threads that I believe are unjustly closed, like my review of the Black Ghost Deck. My review was not bashing the deck or the company or anything like that. In fact, the review wasn't even an overall "negative" review.
  2. I think I'll probably get 2 BGD's one to collect, and one to try out, if it is good I may buy more. I live in Cali, so if I order from E I get my stuff the next day, even with the cheapest shipping. I think there is no point in arguing about Websites. The only thing I am interested in is getting the products I want. As long as they are not ripping stuff off like magic fakers I don't mind. It is funny to see people hate through forums. Then you get artists like Daniel Garcia who help out both websites. There are also class acts like Wayne Houchin who said that Brad Cristian was very passionate and dedicated. He never said anything about E being terrible, Wayne probably just wanted to go a different direction, which he did. We all need to chill, these websites are just resources. Is one superior over the other? ... well it does not matter in my eyes, I am just here to learn some effects, check them out and see if they may be effective for my audience. In all honesty, I could probably just go back and read a book from my local magic shop and amaze people with my Costco regular cards, some pocket change and maybe even *GASP* a thumb tip. But then again... that's just me.

    Juan M.
  3. Jeff,

    It is stated throughout the forums that you can contact me if you have a problem with how a thread is handled. If I do not agree with your position, I can at least tell you why it was closed.

    I think, if you think about it, that almost all of the "bashing" you are referring to does not come from staff, moderators, or Elites. We do have a fan base that can get a little rabid at times, but is that any different than over here?

    Like I said, feel free to contact me at any time.

    Take it easy,

  4. Z,

    I will stop here. I do have one Ellusionist rule that I will not break here, and that is disagreements should be taken private and not flailed around in public. I do apologize to the other users for having done that to you. Z, if you feel you have any thing of value to add to your stance, please email me at

  5. Okay guys
    How about we squash this thing.

    Bashing other sites for their personalized products is always not a good thing, on any forum.
    Believe it or not, there's people on this forum, that go on E's forum, such as yourself.
    If you want to comment on how they advertise, well I guess you can do so, but we all know how advertising works and your not the first to notice the hype pattern. Believe it or not, but every magic site hypes up their products. It's how you sell your product. It's only the matter of to what extreme they go to. If E wants to hype 1 trick up for a year, they have the right to do so, and you nor me can do anything about it. Just wait patiently like everybody else is doing.

    I've heard enough complaining in this thread. I'm not a Moderator, but if you guys want to continue your argument, I'd suggest taking it to pm. This thread is about the Black Ghost Deck release, not how other forums work/advertise better than another.

  6. *raises hand*
    Can we go back to talking about the cards and release dates and stuff?:confused:
  7. I actually did PM you, but you never responded.
  8. Yah, I distinctively remember that review. There was no arguing or negativity. The moderator (who closed it) said this upon locking the thread:

    Need I say more?

  9. Don't let our bickering intervene with your posting.

    Please, talk about the deck. I'm not stoping you.

  10. Z, you are not stopping us, but you and rjohnson have been disrupting the flow of the thread. If you guys can be so kind to us... if it's a beef you have against E... (or protecting E's honor in rjohnson's case), would you take it to the source, E? I mean, seriously... If you REALLY want to argue here, do it over PM, I mean seriously.

    As for the BG topic, I heard it's gonna release in April, which by that time, I will have some money in my hand... I guess I'll have choice between Centurion, Guardian, Ghost, and/or Black Ghost... I like the overall look of the black ghost... but joker is bit of disappointment for me... I was hoping something similar to Shadow Master's ghost, but better.
  11. Actually, the joker doesn't look half-bad. But when I look at the other joker... Well, what the heck is he holding in his hands?! I can't tell! Is it like a card reveal or something?

  12. It says "JS."
  13. "JS" standing for what? What does it mean?

  14. Jack of Spades
  15. Well, that makes me look stupid. I am sorry, I will go back and see if I missed it.

  16. It was about 3 weeks ago, on the 11th of February.
  17. Is this $8 a deck just speculation?

    I am a little miffed with their CS dept, so if I can bring myself to forgive them I might order some for my collection, but only if they are not $8 ea. Thats would be a absolutely ridiculous price.
  18. I don't remember the price, however, Brad did say the price back in December in a podcast on the E forums. Similar to the Shadow Masters, E has a bundle with this deck to buy a brick of them.

  19. There 8.99.
  20. 9 dollars? Ok you can forget about my original plan to buy a brick of these..:) MAN THEY ARE JUST PIECES OF PAPER! I can get a deck of Bikes for about a dollar and the US Playing Card Company still profits off that.... well let's look at this. The BG's should cost a little bit more considering that they have black ink all over them and there is a slightly bigger stock. So let's add 25 cents to our 1 dollar deck. (25 cents still might be over doing it... a dime would probably be fine, but let's add 25 cents to be safe.)

    So the value of this deck = $1.50
    Price Ellusionist charges for this deck= $8.99 (9 dollars pretty much...)

    Sure sites like T11 charge 5 bucks for a deck.... but they are a company and their goal is to make money. So even though I think it's a bit expensive, I don't complain but 9 BUCKS FOR A CARDBOARD BOX AND 56 PIECES OF PAPER?! (2 ad cards and jokers :)) Man..... this annoys me.

    I hope you enjoyed my rant. :)

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