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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gomeriffic, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. What the...?

    No we do not.

    Your claim was almost entirely based off on an incorrect premise. The conclusion turned out wrong.

    Why do we owe you then?
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    How do we owe you anything. ;)

    Oh my god. I said failing instead of falling. Big deal, I already edited it. E keeps coming out with new products and you guys keep falling into the hype. Just buy the ghosts for 5 bucks if you like the feel of there cards. Don't pay 3 more dollars to get the same deck in black. Seriously that's the only difference. If you like black decks then get the shadow masters. Looks exactly the same as the black ghosts just more of a shadow look.
  3. If you're going to say that you've got good spelling, or that you changed your spelling...Might want to make sure you can actually spell first:

  4. Originally Posted by orchestrion-
    Your prejudice towards someone else's incapability to spell is making me want to disagree with uuuuuuu.

    Guys, let's not mar this thread any further; let's focus on WHAT the speaker is saying, NOT how well the speaker says it. Jeez.

  5. I was very much interested in Black Ghost, because I was very pleased with Ghost. I wanted to see what the counterpart would feel like... Frankly, as of now, I am not sure if I will be willing to spend 8.99 for this particular deck of cards... I might buy it eventually to see what they are like... but for now I am satisfied with T11 coming up with new decks that priced the same and will be just sticking with them.
  6. Don't talk about hype when there is a 100+ page thread talking about how you (and everybody else on this fourm) couldn't wait to get/see the Centurions.
    And a spelling lecture.... if you're referring to "someone's" the you write "theirs" not "theres" use the spel chek feutre, schista....
  7. I really have to agree with ..:Z:..'s post. We've stopped talking about what the poster originally intended for us to discuss (the Black Ghost deck) and have reverted to nitpicking each other's grammar. Let's get back on topic, alright?

  8. thnx

    yes, i totally agree. too much of this thread is about SPELLING. this isn't spelling class ppl.
  9. Look again. I wasn't into the whole hype of the centurians and looking for hidden pages. Although I forgive you anyway since that thread is to long.
  10. Okay guys, lets drop this little argument.
    Onto the Black Ghost Deck. . . .

    I think they look great, but I'm getting a little tired of these posts where people are saying their going to buy a brick(12) of these decks when their released, just because they look cool. How about if they fan/handle poorly? That means you wasted a lot of money on cards that you don't really enjoy. I may buy 2 decks just to see how they feel compared to other decks.

    If I like them because they fan well and handle properly, then I'm glad because I have a back-up deck for when I ware out the 1st one. If I decide that these really aren't what I expected, well I'll just be glad I didn't buy a dozen for what I thought was going to be good.

    I love the design, but I'm not paying for the design. I want to actually do something with these cards, not look at them and admire the artwork. I'll enjoy the cards more if their put to good use, like doing flourishes with them. How much more beautiful do you think these cards would look if somebody made a flourishing video of them rather than a video to show what they look like.

    So I'm just saying, the design is important, but the feel is way beyond important to me.
    "Don't judge a book by it's cover."

  11. DannyT,

    All of (I THINK all of) E's decks has the same quality and the quality of E's cards has never been compromised nor bashed (except by noobs).

    Ellusionist's cards are great and all but they are some god awful thick cards. Sure they hold together and fan and faro but I'd prefer some of the much more thinner and stronger cards.

    Of course, feel/quality is always important but Ellusionist will always be using their signature UV500-Air-Flow Finish to their cards (at least, I would think).

    But I certainly wouldn't shell out all that money for just brick of BG decks I'll tell ya' that right now. :p


    I think the reason why people are so desperately wanting to purchase these new decks is because they get bored of the old ones!

    I remember going on Ebay finding these rare, black, Tally-Ho's for sale along with black Bicycles. I loved these cards soooooooo much. Now, I'm getting really bored of them (how ironic?).

    Is it just me or are new custom decks being hyped-up more than ever? I remember when 1800's and Master's deck came out but it didn't seem there was a whole lot of expressive hype. But with the arrival of the SM's, Wynn's, Centurions, and the soon to be released, BG deck, it seems like the hype-factor has reached like an all-time high, yet.

    I gotta go...

  12. i think i dreamed about that joker...

    105ºpost yiaaaaaayyyy!!!!

    i didn't noticed.

    Good Luck
  13. I see a regular pattern with E products..... take let's say something such as Factory Sealed. E will show a short teaser barely showing anything of the trick, just a rough explanation of what it is. Then the next week they will release another teaser showing just a tiny bit more, but to leave you still hungry. Then they stop for a bit and the last week of September they say "Coming this October!" You die to know when... then you find out mid way through the month that releases near the last day of October..... same thing applies here.

    First E shows a preview for the Ultragaff. Then you hear nothing for a while... get pumped.... then they make a new page allowing you to sign up for a newsletter and they show you some more cards on the page. Then they say "Coming April '08"

    Now meanwhile you are wondering "When is the BG going to come out?! Brad said the first 3 months of 2008!" Well..... thanks for getting us hyped back in December. Now it's the beginning of March... the 3rd month of '08 and what do we get? We get a gallery to get us more hyped. You know what else we get? "Coming April '08"

    I'll be willing to bet they come out April 25th or after. E pisses me off sometimes. T11 gets you hyped.... but they don't advertise products half a year before they come out. (Prophet hasn't been hyped that much.) With E.... they will film something 2 years ago, put it on their shelf for 2 years, release like 5,000 teasers and then you'll find out you still have to wait a month after waiting 3 months just to find a release date.

    Man.... I hate the way these sites operate..... This is not a hate letter towards E as I do buy things from them. They are pretty good, but I just hate hype marketing in general. Well... it makes them more sales.

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    Wow. I thought I was the only person who obvserved this pattern!

    E knows exactly what they're doing. The funny thing is, they'll try to pass themselves off as this and that saying they're not all hype and our goal is to teach (bull ****).... Irony

    Even though WE create the hype, E fuels it to highest level by doing all that teaser crap. It's soooo annoying. But yah, like you said, they're just gonna make more money.

    Sooooo many people are obsessed with their cards for some reason and they keep on coming back for more. That's what's keeping E up and running.

    I wonder how many suckers sheld-out 300$ for the Tiers just to get that BG deck...



    That means we get some more over hyped junk (that was found in an old books)! I can't wait to see some more original (yah right?) material this year. Hey, maybe they next time I send a purchase for 2 DvDs, I might actually get to pay 9$ shipping this time!!! Whooooooooo.


    I'm glad there are sites like T11, Penguin, and Lybrary. Those truely are the best.

  15. I think E is doing the wrong thing in this situation. lets put it this way, T11 has a 1on1 released evry single week, just had a cool-looking deck come out, and on top of that Prophet will be out in 2 weeks. Their really working their butts off. Meanwhile, E is hyping an old deck, and a dvd and deck that has been in the can for like a decade. If E doesn't sell anything untill late April, like Sinful said, they will find themselves behind so to speak. Lets look at their lineup from the past. The last two things that they sold were total busts. Like 10 people bought those tatoo dvds, and Fallen was the youtube trick of the month. Unlike the Theory11 artists, who post every single day, the E artists and admins post very rarely. Their not active in their community, and they have no tricks or products coming out for another two months. On top of all of it, they won't tell anyone about any upcoming projects. E has told us about prophet, and Dangerous. What has E told us about?

    And don't get me started on those Black Ghosts. They look EXACTLY like the Shadow Masters. Oh they have a different Ace and joker, that makes them totally different. Also, 8 bucks a deck, plus shipping? You could get three Guardian decks for the price of one BG.
  16. ..:Z:..'z Comments in Cyan.
  17. Z, I find your attitude to be hypocritical. Do you feel safe enough on another forum to say stuff like this?

    1) Show me one example where we denied being about the hype. I love the hype. I am a master of the hype. The hype is fun.

    2) One of our goals is to teach. I don't know how you believe that to be ironic unless this is another one of those remarks about how we copy this site...which is quite ironic. Perhaps you are not sure of the definition of ironic?

    3) E does know exactly what it is doing.

    You must certainly have an example of that saved in your favorites...let's see it. lol You act like hype is bad, but it is a facet of advertising. You are right in one regard, the users tend to create the hype, not us. What is all that teaser crap? Can you link me to all that teaser crap? Oh, I get it, you mean the one gallery of the new cards that is up?

    A little rude of you, no? Why not ask one of those suckers how they feel about it?

    1) We would not mind making a take business classes in school yet?

    2) I am also glad there are those other sites...I would rather see you stay on one of those instead of coming on E and kissing butt after being over here acting like the big bad boy. Shame on you! You post all innocently there about wanting to know the release date of the new decks, but you have been immersed in creating negativity in this thread. If you are going to do it, at least don't be hypocritical about it.

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    ..:Z:..'z Comments in Cyan.

  19. Z,

    What? I'm sorry, but I can not make heads nor tails out of most of your argument. I am not trying to act superior sounds more like a complex on your part.

    Listen, I fully understand, after all of this time, that it is easy for a 15 year old to get behind the anonymity of a keyboard and to start acting in an inappropriate manner...absorb that.

    You will not get beat up at Ellusionist if you are willing to say the same thing in a civilized manner, with facts and rationale to back it up. You should know that. It is when people post like your above post that they get frosted.

    lol. When in Rome. (An arcane reference to adopting habits of the locals when in their town). This forum does not care about slang, so it is not hypocritical. Ellusionist does not allow it, so I would not do it there.

    Why would my finger be on the ban button at E when you are stating your opinion over here? Are the two sites intertwined?

    Listen, it is easy to fall into the trap of talking trash about the forum you are not on at the time. It is the thing to do. Once in awhile it bites you in the ass and you have to answer for it. Instead of mounting what you hope amounts to witty sarcasms, why don't you try to do the right thing.

  20. ..:Z:..'z Comments in Cyan.
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