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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gomeriffic, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. lol, loads of kids have that on youtube, doesnt mean that the black ghosts are gonna be released at all.
  2. I'm sorry... you're using THAT as concrete evidence that Black Ghosts are coming out in two days?
    Mundus Vult Decipi means "The World Invites Deception". I do not see how Ineski putting a line of Latin into a Youtube vid definitely means that Black Ghosts are being released on March 4th.
  3. So, I believe if this was true then the Black Ghost's would've been released today. So, I'm going to assume it won't be until later March.

    Also, Dangerous will be released mid-year, which I assume is just around summer time.

  4. Super Smash Bro. Brawl this month!!!
  5. Wow ... .
  6. I read the first post about the black ghost and it scared me, i just spent 70$ good thing i'm getting paid soon. But yes defently E would have advertisements everywhere, on every magic website possible. So i doubt they are coming out on the 4th.
  7. hello? am i the only one that understands stuff? they dont want tons of publicity because then the bgd will sell out in less than 48 hours. that also means more people buying big packs, which means less money for them. and Mundus Vult Decipi is on the ghost deck/bgd jokers. coincedince? i dont think so.
  8. Excellent obscure observation Sherlock.
  9. Of course they want publicity they want people to buy more and just because the video says mundus vult decipi it does not mean the bgd is coming out maybe he just likes the phrase and it is also on the bycycle gaff deck too so come back with concrete evidence.
  10. Wow man, are you serious? Someone please help because you don't understand what BUSINESS is at all.
  11. i think he's being sarcastic, because theres noway he can be serious.
  12. Ok, lets not hate on this guy.
    He probably thought a little too much into this treasure hunt thing with the centurions, so it may have carried over.

    To much excitement in a week/s.
  13. you are one sad little boy.....;)
  14. VERY sad little boy....hehe get it right Zach :p

  15. Guys,

    Please refrain from bashing or attacking other members, not only is it not nice, but it isn't needed.

    Thanks everyone, :)
  16. i'm not bashing i'm just kidding around. no hard feelings man
  17. haha, i think you may be a little wrong on this one.....
  18. If I watched a video that says "Card Tricks" in the 0:03 mark. Does that mean there are gonna be 3 card tricks coming out on Theory11!?
  19. Its not like Ellusionist to spare any hype. The fact that the website is silent as a... ghost.. on this kind of indicates that there is not going to be such a deck release any time soon.

  20. They have released the photos for the 2nd edition over at E.
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