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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gomeriffic, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. Black Ghost Deck 2nd Edition

    Just went on E's site and Black Ghost 2nd Edition is coming April 08.
    Just some new news.

  2. i dont see it anywhere on their site, all thats coming on april 08 is the ultragaff. Other than that on their forums the 2nd edition black ghost photo gallery is up
  3. Keep refreshing the front page you'll see it
  4. Well look at that there it is, Cool.
  5. finally, i've been waiting for these to come out for ages thanks for the news man.
  6. Is it just me? Or is the back-design for the BG deck is awfully similar to:

    I would like for E to work with a blank slate for once. Almost everyone one of their decks (looks cool, don't get me wrong but) are just color inversions and slight modifications. Except the 1800's deck, that is the best attempt at originality for them. The shadow-ing effect is okay too but everything else.... eh.

    We need more custom deck that are almost fully ORIGINAL. Look at the decks T11 sells, they certainly are a cut-above the rest. Best looking decks I've ever seen.

    I'm just getting a little bored with all these color inversions (just me, maybe not you guys).

    To all you people out there working on a new design for a new deck, keep going!

  7. the jokers are pretty nice
  8. I'm not the biggest fan of Ellusionist, probably neutral, but the Black Ghost design is definitely my favorite deck design out of all the lines that have been created. I think Shadow Masters were disappointing because the faces looked worse than I thought they would.

  9. Coming out in april, its on E's site
  10. Shadow Master's look extremely similar to the BG deck, except for the.... Shadow-ing effect....

    I don't know why they even put that on there when they could've just removed the shadow-effect and add the BG-deck title to it. mmm. Who knows? Maybe that's the expensive appetizer for those people who are waiting for the REAL BG deck...

    ...They're sucking us dry... Well, not me, that is...

  11. anyone see the force in the joker?
  12. nope.. where?
  13. You mean the Jack of Spades reveal? It sure is a cool reveal, combine that with some Ultrasmoke and you are sliding on ice.

    - Sean
  14. nice metaphor Sean ;) or, with flash paper! 'the flame, has turned the five of clubs into your card- oh...still the five...but, I have an insurance policy. if you're wondering where the smoke is when the paper lit, you'll see, that it has actually transferred to the jokers hand'
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    Another over hyped E deck. 8 dollars is to much for that deck, and you guys keep falling into there trap. All the E decks look so much alike except the 1800's.
  16. i know i was off... but you guys now know about it altogether! you guys owe me big time!

  17. Your bad spelling makes me want to disagree with you...
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