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  1. Who's better? Paul Gertner or Paul Green? Daryl or Bill Malone. Rick Maue or Docc Hilford? William Draven or Mr. Zombie (yes there is an actual Stage magician who goes by that name and looks like an actual zombie.)
  2. Blaine & Angel

    David Blaine at his hight was creating the kind of publicity & awareness that has not been seen since the likes of Houdini. Yes he is know for his bizarre publicity stunts-his image was fresh & his style unique, & is one of the most talked-about magicians of our time. David Blaine has also made magic alot more popular, & i think many of todays young magicians got into magic because of seeing Blaine's magic.

    As David Blaine is a close-up magician showing people that you do not need expensive sets & careful lighting to perform miracles. Criss Angel is a stage performer (illusionist), bring his acts on the streets also showing illusion's can be performed without the big stages, trapdoors, lighting etc too. They are two very different types of performers, & it's been interesting to seeing how Crisis's camp has brought some of the illusion onto the streets. & you can see Crisis & his camp taking magic with there illusions to new levels, with there levitation, vanishes, walking on water, etc. iam interested to see how they are going to pull-off one of there new stunts, where Crisis's body is signed then he transpo himself from the top of a building to the bottom before an object he has dropped hits the floor.

    I love Close-up magic myself over illusions for many reason, i would perform one or two illusions which does not uses stooges etc. but many illusions relay on stooges & other stage men behind the scenes, then there is some of the camera work behind illusions also. As performers they are both doing there jobs entertaining the public by means of magic. I feel Criss goes over the top with some of his effects, I also feel both of these performers love the Art of Magic as i do & the rest of us do.
  3. Geez people dont bring up old threads.
    Just agree to disagree. you cant compare the two.
  4. Yeah you can compare the two and contrast them aswell.

    Criss, David (compare)
    • They perform magic
    • Have used camera trickery to accomplish and impossible feat.
    • Performed street magic (Street magic by the magically incorrect definition of performing magic for random people; not busking)
    • At some point both looked high on camera
    • Both love to do stunts

    Criss, David (contrast)

    • One has a handful of hour-two hour specials.
    • One has a butt load of 30 minute episodes including two hour long magic specials one of which is my favorite "Supernatural"
    • One had a stage show and a vegas show.
    • Performs for random strangers.
  5. While Blaine is great skill wise, I don't like his "character." The monotone voice and getting straight to the point annoys me. I believe the Buck twins are amazing skill wise too, just a bit monotone for my taste. Angel is very well rounded. He can pull off pretty much any trick, feat, stunt, or whatever you throw at him. If he wasn't an amazing entertainer, (cause magic is an entertainment art) then he would not be where he is today. People like to bash on both of them. They both have the upmost respect from me. Whether you're monotone, shirtless, or nerdy like Bill Malone, I will have respect for you as an entertainer. As long as the passion is there. Both men have passion I dream of having. I do enjoy Angel more for his showmanship, but the world likes variety. Therefor we Have Blaine, Copperfeild, Seigfreid & Roy, Penn & Teller, and Angel all standing in a row as equals.
  6. I don't like either of them.
  7. I started this thread some time ago, a friend of mine sent me a video of Criss portraying himself as Doug Henning, at first I was thinking oh what a cool tribute to a legend. Then at 1:47! Did others puke in their mouth's at this point? Hey, I have heard the term art imitates life, but for art to imitate death, and then talk about yourself in the third and fourth person? Holy F'ing ego Batman! WTF was he thinking.... disgraceful in my opinion.

  8. I personally am not fond of either of them. They both annoy me a lot, although it is for different reasons.

    Angel has always come across, to me, as someone who just wants attention and publicity. I obviously has a love for the art, but it seems that over his years on Mindfreak his lost this love and become more of a dare devil looking for attention. I mean, women's panties... what?!?! I feel he puts a very different twist on magic then most other street performers, which is one of the reasons I do not like him. I do however think that he has amazing skill, presentation and a great imagination, but his style does not suit me.

    Blain's performances just annoy me, I don't really know why. The way that he talks and acts in a performance just causes me to go crazy, but like Angel, his skill and ability are amazing and show years of practice.

    I think that they do a good job of telling the public that street magic and magic as a whole still exist, but they don't really make a great image for the world of magic in my opinion.
  9. Now im going to be honest i hate criss angel but i have some respect for david blaine
    overall heres what i think

    DAVID COPPERFIELD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Oh my gosh, why did you revive this thread. You could've made a different one that showed the video, especially since the video was completely unrelated to the thread topic.
  11. Old topic is old.

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