Blake Vogt's High End = David Kong's Mercury Aces?

Jun 13, 2008
These two tricks look identical. I own mercury aces and the preview shows the handeling to be, well the word i'd use is identical. I love the trick and all but i'm quite surprised it was approved by the theory11 team as an original trick.


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Oct 28, 2008
The effect might seem to be similar but I promise you the handling and appearance is completely different. If you are familiar with the handling of Mercury Aces, you know you need to "do something" before every single ace and with High End you don't do any unnecessary moves. The first three aces literally turn over without changing any order of the cards and the last uses... a "special count". Also, another difference is the amount of cards used is less in High End compared to Mercury Aces. Hope that clears up any questions and thanks for asking. :)
May 23, 2010
Thanks Blake for High End hence it's surely an upgrade to Mercury Aces. Mercury Aces was one of the first card effects I put my heart mastering when I 3 years ago got into card magic. My best critic (my wife) pretty much knows how the most effects I perform works and with Mercury Aces she knows exactly how it's done. When I showed her High End she was blown away. The handling is so much cleaner. Thanks again Blake for High End as it's an absolute upgrade to my arsenal. And price wise 6,95 compared to Mercury 11,9...
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