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  1. Hey guys, how's it going?

    I just wanted to go ahead and make a review for Blind by Daniel Madison.

    Effect: 2 decks are introduced, one is handed to the spectator, the other the magician keeps. The Magician then takes a random card from his/her deck and places it ontop of the specator's deck, facedown. The specatator then does the same, placing a random card ontop of the magician's deck. Both decks are then set on the table, and the specator checks out both cards on the decks, and they turn out to be the same cards.

    Thoughts: I really like this effect. Although it does leave you a bit messy at the end, all you have to do is pretty much think, and you can think of a clean up yourself. :p
    This effect is very easy to do with little setup. I've performed it a number of times and people love it. If you are debating on getting this effect.... 2 words....... GET IT!!

    I give this effect a 8/10
  2. How practical would you say it is?
    And... how long would you say set up is? Thanks in advance ;)
  3. It's quite practical in my opinion, the set up probably takes maybe...15 seconds... maybe, a little long but it is worth it.
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  5. They won't prove you wrong.

    Just saying.

    And welcome, Blind is a killer effect. It works great for a closer, just box the decks and you're on your way!

  6. hello guys.

    just 1 question.. i have election by eric ross and i find it a little similar with daniel madison's blind.. do people happen to notice?
  7. ;) Thanks

    (word count)
  8. The effect is similar to Election, but the methods are completely different. I like performing both, they great really great reactions as it's the spectator(s) what does/do all the work.
  9. That is hilariously true! Guys here hound on girl magicians like no tomorrow. Ah well, brace yourself Misty!

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