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Blink Help

May 19, 2010
I finally got around to buying Genesis and I love it but 'Blink' is giving my a lot of problems. It doesn't look too hard I just don't understand. When Andrei teaches the mechanics, his thumb is underneath the packet and his four fingers are on top. But when executing the move full speed his thumb starts on top of the packet with his four fingers underneath. I hope I explained this clearly. Could some one please help me out. Thanks
Apr 6, 2010
Well i did what Andrei suggested and used a rubber band to get the feel of it down - it helps a lot. I was confused like you guys at first when i saw him change his fingers around, but now i think he was just trying to express the mechanics of it by showing the grip.

Now the actual move itself, just have your thumb on the top (back) of the packet and four fingers underneath. When you come to do it, flick the packet up slightly with your four fingers so it ends up the other way on top of your thumb momentarily, as though the packet has done a 180 degree flip. Now keep your thumb extended and this will cause it to roll sideways off your thumb after the previous flip, then all you have to do is catch it in your four fingers below (it will now be the same way up that you started due to your thumb acting as a lever.

I hope i havent just added more complexity to it, but i hope i helped because i sturggled to understand at first. Just remember to try and practice it with the elastic band at first to get the feel of it down and experiment with the motion.

Another little tip, when you do it without the band, keep your hand straight, holding the deck almost horizontally, and then once you do it, you should find you catch it easier.
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