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  1. So, I have the Royal Road to Card Magic, Expert Card Technique, Card Control, and Expert at the Card Table for my card magic books. Now what should I go for next. Such as more card magic books to really achieve a greater knowledge and understanding of the art. Thanks to all who reply in advance. And have a great day.
  2. I would suggest the Card College by Roberto Giobbi. There are a total of 5 volumes and I'd recommend starting at volume 1 for a beginner, but since you don't seem like a beginner, I'd just say look at what each volume contains and choose from there.

    My other suggestion would be Harry Lorayne's Card Magic, or even better the updated version which is included in his Classic Collection Vol 1. Excellent material for the serious card student.
  3. Thanks so much Ardius for the response! Now first, I have been looking into the Card College series and I will be getting those soon. But I have not checked out Harry Lorayne's Card Magic. Although, I definitely will. Thanks again.
  4. If you're on top of all the material in the books you already own, I'd recommend getting into some Vernon material (Stars of Magic, Early Vernon, Select Secrets, Inner Card Trilogy, Ultimate Secrets of Card Magic, etc.).

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