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Bottom Deal and Multiple Shift

Apr 6, 2011
Lansing, MI
Your shift was beautiful, great job. The only thing I could say on it is don't display the kings so much, they have no reason to doubt anything in the first place, but if you make a big deal about the kings over and over again then they will start to wonder if somethings up. As to your bottom deal... where on earth did you learn that method? Its gonna need some serious work. What sources do you have on bottom dealing?
Apr 6, 2011
Lansing, MI
Definitely get Jason England. Expert Card Technique is an excellent source, but it can be difficult to learn complex moves like the bottom deal from. Jason England teaches very effective and logical methods to teach you a good bottom deal. Right now your's needs some serious improvement.
May 6, 2012
Quick tips for Bottom deal:

- Work on the grip and control over the deck, overall it seems that cards are about to fall when you perform the move.

- Put your right thumb on top of the deck while you deal the bottom card. That way the discrepancy is more covered and looks more like a top deal.

Check out Erdnase, the move is explained incredibly well.
I feel that whenever performing for a camera it is not always ideal to be so close to it, now I'm not saying be 5 feet back but I would not chose to have the camera as close as in this video. Likewise the angle chosen during the mutiple shift, in my opinion, is very revealing. So in the sense of a video performance that is my input, otherwise things looked alright for me.

P.S: Loved the music
Sep 8, 2012
you haven't constructed the deal as you should. everything in the book is done in their grip(all 4 fingers on the side). the bottoms are done in some kind of mixture of mechanic's grip, and Marlo's master grip.
May 2, 2010
New York, New York
Not bad but always room for improvement. Judging by the sized of your hand I say that your a younger fellow. Bottom dealing is always a bit harder with smaller hands.

The shift was ok. May want to work on the amout of angle when pushing in the cards


Jan 1, 2013
With a push-off deal like yours, try to deal as if in a poker game, not consecutively. This will give you time to get your act together between deals. In addition, you can practice the push-off action by itself until it is second nature, then incorporate it into the rest of the deal. The push-off action is only to make the work of the right hand easier, not to do it entirely. The rest, however, is pratice.
Best of luck.
Feb 10, 2013
This is a little adjustment that I would work on that helps with many sleights. Work on your jogging technique. It does not have to be so big of a tilt. You only need a little bit and then there are ways to adjust it if it needs to be extremely jogged. I always get annoyed when I see people push it in that far and at a serious angle while jogging it. I used to do the same, but worked on fixing it a lot because it makes it seem more natural and fair as if you are clearly pushing it straight in.
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