Breaking In a Deck: Riffles vs. Faros

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How do you break in cards?

  1. Riffles

  2. Faros

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  1. In the many guides to breaking in a new deck of cards, they usually say that we should riffle shuffle the deck or faro shuffle the deck (amongst other shuffles, fans and other methods); but not both. What shuffle would you recommend?
    The pros of the riffle shuffle is that you can do it with a stiff deck, while it doesn't break in all cards evenly. The pros of a faro is that it breaks in all cards evenly, while it is really hard to faro with a brand-new, super stiff deck, therefore may bend the cards due to prolonged tension without quick release, and it may damage the corners because faros are done corner to corner and not edge to edge like riffles.
    What's your opinion?
  2. I typically do faros but keep in mind it is more of a routine than a single move. For example I’ll rub the deck on my jeans to buff out the sides, then do some faros then do an overhand shuffle shuffling off single cards through the whole deck, then I’ll do more faros (this time with a bridge) then I’ll do a couple of ruffle shuffles. It is a bunch of stuff out together to break in a deck for me. But if you are asking which of the two works better I think it is personal preference.
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  3. Personally, I do mainly faros for the break-in process. If it seems like it's difficult to get the cards to interlace, the key is don't push hard or try to force it; actually, just the opposite. Relax the grip each hand has on the sides of the packet it is holding to the point where the grip is only firm enough to keep from dropping the cards and then push very lightly at the corners until the cards relax and allow the weave to happen, if that makes sense. This works well even after the deck is broken in. Also, I tend to alternate between faroing face up and face down and in that manner prevent the cards from bowing more in one direction or from developing a click. Hope this helps.
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  4. I do both. Riffle and faro the deck while it's face down and face up.
  5. I normally get regular bikes so it is harder to faro. I normally riffle face up then face down. Followed by springs, fans, and if it is a traditional cut I then do faros. ( All face up then face down )

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