Brown Wynns

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Eddie, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. Okay so this is my short and straight review on these cards.

    These cards are said to be the best Wynns out of the 3 Wynns. Well I disagree, I don't own the red and violet as of now, but the Brown Wynns feel exactly the same as a $1.25 casino onea I bought in the Harrah's casino a couple of months ago. So that would mean the reds and violets would suck even more. But other people who have all 3 are saying that the Browns are not the best. I'm not saying they suck, they handle decently but nothing too special or anything to be hyped about.

    In my opinion, the only "special" thing about these cards is that they are rarest out of the 3 Wynns and would be a good new selection into your card collection.

    Was the hype worth it? No.
    Was buying them worth it overall? Well... more of a no than yes... I spend $65 on a brick of these where now the reds and violets are being sold for half that price. But it was a good experience to have a "rare" card into my arsenal. I will be only using 2 of these(where 1 I already used the hell out of) and maybe keep 1 or 2 more for collecting purposes while the others go in Ebay for some spare money.

    I hope you people who still don't own these cards can learn something from this. The Brown Wynns are not really to go crazy about. But I still thank Theory 11 giving us the opportunity to purchase these decks of playing cards.

    PS. I will not rate these cards out of 5 or 10. It really is your opinion.
  2. Well I mean you didn't have to buy a brick of them.

    You could've just bought one or two.
  3. My main goal was to invest in these cards. Sell them in E-bay as they are already almost $30 right now. I was also dumb enough to believe how T11 said that these were the best Wynns. Now I'm going to have to re-think on what T11 says now.

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