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  1. Hey is anyone else having problems making there Burn Gimmicks out of D+M's new book?
  2. How is that book, is it worth getting? Or is it just a bunch of color changes using different looking (gimmicked) cards?
  3. What part of makng the gimick do you mean?

    By the way I LOVE THIS PDF.

    My favourite from him yet, Deffently Going to use this
  4. I love the book. they have alot of great things in there that im going to use in my walk around set. I'm just having a little problem making the gimmicks.
  5. are the gimmicks hard to make or are they easy and reasonable?
  6. I'm having problems with the 2nd part of making the gimmick.
  7. PM me your problems.

  8. I don't have burn but can someone tell me how many of those effects can be done completely surrounded? cause i thought i saw him use the snap change for one of them.
  9. nvm i figured out what i was doing wrong. Well now the gimmick is really easy to make.... but i do have another question but its way off topic. Where can i purchase bound.
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    You can not purchase Bound anymore.

    As far as I'm concerned, all of the effects can be done completely surrounded.


    P.S. Magicman, do you have MSN or YIM?
  11. Alot of the effects you can preform surrounded.
  12. i have msn and aim.
  13. Can I have your MSN?

  14. i just realized, I am having problems with the second part of makigng the gimmick too, anyone can help me?
  15. Pm me and tell me what problem ur having on it. If its the same problem i had then i can help u out.

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