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  1. Okay, I have been trying to work out something where I could have someone pick a card out of the deck and control it to second from the top (as a set up for my ACR) and I just cannot seem to find anything. Can someone point me in the right direction. I have Royal Road, Expert Card Technique, Buckley's Card Control, and V1 Collected works of Elmsley. (To list the sources I have which I believe might have what I need.)
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  2. Marlo's tilt, Cover pass, Bluff pass, Having it on top and doing a in the hands riffle shuffle leaving one card on top of your spectators card, those are just a couple that i know
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  3. All the above are good suggestions. My preference is the Bluff Pass as I have always felt it seems a lot more open looking than Marlo's Tilt.

    However, given you are such a dude and actually own some great card magic books, I've done a quick bit of research for you using RRTCM and the best thing in there to achieve this would be the 'Overhand Shuffle Control' in Chapter 1 (it's page 23 in the hardback edition I have, yours may be slightly different).

    The control describes it so the card is fourth from the top, but all you have to do is run a single card rather than three and the selection will be second from top. Funnily enough, this is how I get the selection second from top in my ACR. (Yes, I know i said I like the Bluff pass, but my 'script' calls for the cards to be shuffled during the first phase so I use this instead.)

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  4. Top change, overhand shuffle control and the hindu shuffle control all would work as well.
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  5. What books is the bluff pass found in? It sounds interesting and I am not familiar with it.

    I control it to the top, then some version of Marlo's tilt. The real question is where to get that move. I don't believe it's in any of the books you have. I hear it's in Card College and I think I learned it from some Paul Harris book in the 80's. Daryl and Harry Lorraine have both have videos that cover it. Daryl's Ambitious Card video is near the top of my 'to buy' list, it has come highly recommended. Though I'm not sure which moves that specific video teaches.

    Personally, for ACR I think you gotta check out Jason England's Single Card Straddle Pass video on this site. Do it face up and they can see it's their card and it really is going into the middle of the deck. Turn the deck face down and it is the top card.

    As for controlling a card second from the top, I've probably been known to do a pass and then double undercut one card to the top of the deck. But really, that's just lame. Thumb count one card before your pass? Cover pass as mentioned above would be perfect, there is also a Jason England video on it. They are both also on Foundations 3- have you learned your tabled faro yet???

    Out of those resources, I'd recommend Aaron Fisher's The Paper Engine or Card College. Aaron also teaches it on his Search and Destroy DVD (which is hilarious just to listen to Aaron talk).

    It is in Daryl's Ambitious Card Omnibus book, and I would have to assume it is on his DVD. My go to source for this would be Card College with a follow up in Carneycopia (which I think is now available as an e-book).
  7. Joshua Jay is also quite the expert on the bluff pass and has a very nice video download on the subject on vanishing inc.
    Things to consider might also be difficulty, naturalness and angle-proofness (if that´s even a word...).
    Although a cover pass is very efficient and fun to do it is also difficult and has angle issues.
    Bluff Pass and Tilt are much easier have less but still some angle restriction and the deception is solid.
    But an overhand shuffle control is rather easy and has no angle restrictions. It´s certainly a real worker.
    (Unfortunately it doesn´t give much finger flicking satisfaction.)

    To add something to the list of exotic possibilities:
    You could also combine Marlos Convincing Control (or is it Jennings...) with Troy Hoosers Slipstream.

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