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  1. I'm working on a trick that calls for controlling the selection to the top of the deck.

    I have two books on card magic, Expert Card Technique and Expert At The Card Table, and maybe I'm blind, but I didn't see any moves for controlling a card to the top of the deck.

    What moves do you guys use and where can I find them?
    I know I can use a DPS but I'm obstinate, and want to challenge myself to use something different.
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  2. How about an old fashioned overhand shuffle. It gets the job done!! Also check out the two handed-shift. Both are in The Expert at the Card Table.
  3. In my opinion you've some how skimmed the books too fast.

    Expert Card Technique Chapter 3 Side Slip(aka Side Steal) & Chapter 4 "The Pass"

    The Shifts in the legerdemain section of Expert at the Card Table.

    There are probably more though.
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  4. Study the books, don't flip through them.
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  5. See I figured I was being an idiot, thanks for the help!
  6. Sometimes, the simplest is the best.

    I do know the classic pass, but in most situations I do the double undercut. Why? It is so effective an natural and doesn't need to be masked.

    But of course, if you wish to challenge yourself a bit, go ahead and learn a sweet control by all means! Only thing, do have at least one effect in your mind you can do ONLY with that control or maybe, an effect you can improve by a thousand fold by doing the control. Because ultimately, it doesn't matter whether you do the classic pass or the double undercut or just spread through the cards which are facing towards you and cut the deck at the spectator's card. It is the final effect which matters.
  7. I disagree. I find the double undercut unnatural and suspicious. I would rather do a variation of ed marlo’s convincing control plus some false shuffling, or if it is acceptable to have the selection second from top, a bluff pass or marlo tilt.
  8. All great controls. Even the double undercut is effective, a triple undercut even more so. I personally prefer to cut the deck to the table in packets and then casually riffle shuffle it.
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  9. Start with the undercuts as above, they are the simplest solution. Then learn something that will take a bit more work, like a side slip or whatever you choose.
  10. If you know how to DPS, then there is a pretty decent Card Control that uses the same principal. I honestly don't know the name of it, or where I learned it from. It is a control I learned when I first got into magic so it can probably be found in Card College Volume 1 some where. Haven't touched a deck of cards in a while so excuse the light flashes, but it looks something like this.

    @RealityOne would probably know the name.

  11. Honestly, mate I'd say the SWE shift or stick to the DPS. Based off your resources. But, practicing the pass is something you should start
  12. Each man to his own I guess :)
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  13. The TurnOver Pass is simple and a great way for a beginner to
    a) gain confidence and
    b) practice misdirecting the audience while performing any pass (something that was not mentioned here and should be emphasized).
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