Card Wallet (Playing Card Wallet)

Nov 12, 2016
LA (Lower Alabama)
After about a weeks worth of working, I have finally finished the production of the playing card wallet. I have made a public Instagram account and that is where I will put all my magic related stuff.
Here is the photograph :
The entire process would have only taken a few hours, but I was distracted by other projects (not card sculpture related). I did make a video recording the whole process, like always.
Please ignore Icarly in the background. As well as the watermark in the corner
(just for reference, when i said "just ignore that" I was referring to an old photo of me with really long curly hair, hence the new Instagram name)
The steps were:
Measure my wallet. Shape the cards into the form of the wallet. Then staple the cards together. create a pocket for cards(DEBIT, CREDIT, LINCENCE, ETC). Finally (optionally): create a another flap to hold your tricks(bill breaker, melt 2.0 are the ones I use)
As said in the video I doubt I will use this. Ill probably re-gift it or just keep it on my shelf.

I hope you guys enjoyed this and please leave all suggestions for more card sculptures below.
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